Mornings! Infuse energies for life time!!

Very good Morning!

I was thinking of wishing you at 5 itself, but was lost swimming in the ocean of reading, blogging and sharing powerful resources of motivation and excellence with youth!

The mornings are the most rejuvenating and purposeful times of mine. I make sure I am either walking, cycling and/or Swimming. These COVID days have been mostly walking (about 12-15kms a day), once in a week cycling on a 39Km circuit on the periphery of a wildlife sanctuary, I live beside.

When I am physically pushing myself, that’s when my mind works most creatively, innovatively to not only enrich itself and me, but also scores of youth.

The mind, body and soul all are in unison, and they fire simultaneously and are at their best productive phase of the day

– Music apps regaling my soul with renditions of classical music by Ustads, Pandits and Vidushis; crooning along

– I read and write various articles, newspaper, watch knowledge centric videos from various resources to keep myself abreast with happenings, strengthening my horizons of learning;

All these happen while I am walking or cycling.

Also I schedule all career and life coaching talks, chats and interactions with my mentees during these hours, as I am highly positive and íts a great time to infuse energies!

while swimming I go into complete meditative mode. Most times I am asleep sorts, till I am told by the pool officials, time up, get out. I swim about 1.5Kms in an hour of my time at the pool.

Non stop, rélentless, ruthless….

Nothing like these morning hours of infusion of energies and positivity that keeps me charged and bubbling till 11, when I hit the bed mostly, to be awake by 4 or 5 to start the cycle again….

Life is blessed. Life is a celebration.

P.s. A few have even pointed at me and shared with my wife while I walked, “Is insaan ko dekha, pagal ki tarah chalte chalte kuch kuch karta rehta hai”, unbeknown that we are a couple. My goddess at home also walks, mostly same time, as she is on her own meditative walks …

Here, this message has become a blog post too 😀

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