Innovations and Endeavours transforming the nation

The endeavour here is to catalogue exciting and inspiring features / stories / channels / videos that can stimulate each one of us and lead us to introspect on what more can we do to make things happen. What can we do to really change the world for better.

We need innovative scalable models that will deliver consistent quality to empower large swathes of population and here are a few such cutting edge endeavours that can be inspiring. If you are aware of any movements that is worth being here, kindly inform me for me to add. I have just started this journey here. Thanks.


India Today, July 26, 2010 Issue

Being The Change Passion, purpose and perseverance is what drives the action heroes into transforming the system from within. Meet 35 quiet revolutionaries….who believe in a cause and have initiated the action and immersed in execution…the unsung heroes who bring the change. India Today

THE OUTLOOK BUSINESS, September 05, 2009 Issue

This stories of 50 social entrepreneurs in Outlook business is a fantastic read. I see quite a few of them do figure in the ‘HOT entrepreneur’ list, whenever I keep going to some conference or other. A great many ideas and great opportunities if one wishes to chase.. Outlook


Knowledge@wharton channel on youtube – Very inspirational

On Innovation – Technology, Entertainment and Design – impact in every space.

TED – Ideas worth introspecting

Innovations and fascinating ideas that can change the way we perceive and experience the world – hear and see the initiators sharing them at this forum that started as a space for Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED), but has now grown up to become all inclusive.

Techonomy is a new way to look at the economic power of innovation.
techonomy (te-kän’-uh-mē) n. [tech(nology) + (ec)onomy]
organized activities related to the invention, development, production, distribution and consumption of technology-enhanced goods and services that a society uses to address the problem of scarcity and to enhance the quality of life.


Honeybee Network, SRISTI, NIF – Prof Anil Gupta, One MAN hundreds of inspired followers

The first in this listing I would like to mention is that of SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and institutions), Honeybee network and NIF (National Innovation Foundation). All of these are the brainchild of Padmasree Prof. Anil Gupta of IIM Ahmedabad. His vision and untiring efforts the movement he initiated culls out grassroot innovations from the country side. The endeavour is to make each innovation sustainable, scalable and mass produceable. Check out the website by clicking here and also a few great videos at the following link.

Click here for numerous videos of NIF, SRISTI and INNOVATIONS

SPIC MACAY – Society for promoting classical music and culture among youth – Prof Kiran Seth’s passionate movement

Padmasree Prof. Kiran Seth of IIT Delhi, initiated this movement more than three and half decades ago to help Indian youth be in touch with its rich composite heritage and culture. This movement is sustained by thousands of volunteers across the country, with over 4000 concerts, performances and interactions every year.

peruse the SPIC MACAY website to know more

Agastya – helping children love science : Ramji Raghavan’s brainchild

Agastya – A fantastic movement that is stimulating children in science in rural India, reaching to 20 lakh children and 70 thousand teachers, with 36 mobile science labs, 14 science centres and one Discovery centre in Kuppam, A.P, very close to Bangalore. A dream project by Ramji Raghavan, an eminent banker who has spent a couple of decades abroad before discovering his calling in life, despite being a non-science person. Check the website.

A video of Geography workshop..not much available on youtube. I will soon upload one. Till then.

Akshayapatra – children learn when their stomach is full – Hare Rama Hare krishna

Akshayapatra – Scaling mid-day meal delivery, high on process and hygiene, reaching to 10 lakh children in 5000 schools. This is an endeavour of ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ movement, with people like Mr. Mohandas Pai of Infosys contributing to the cause. Check the website.

A Video of the Akshaya patra Kitchen – Touch of your heart

A video at a school where Akshaya Patra reaches


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