Dream It! Do It!

Here is the review and report of one of my much acclaimed session – ‘Dream It, Do It!’ for you.. You have the ppt of the older version of the session and a recorded version of the session after the reviews.

Dream It! Do It! @ Patna
Dream It! Do It! Visualization @ Gorakhpur
Dream It! Do It! @ Varanasi
Dream It! Do It! @ Jamshedpur
Dream It! Do It! Delhi Univ
Dream It! Do It! @ Dehradun

Dream It! Do It! is all about inspiring, enabling and empowering each one to believe in ourselves, to have high self-esteem, to push boundaries and to realize our potential. We can end up being technologists, managers, entrepreneurs, change-makers, performers, reformers, whatever we dream of. It is all about the grit and determination with which each one overcomes all the initial hurdles to succeed in life;

I get inspired by the works and excellence of so many people I meet, I see, I watch and I read. Each one of these inspirations has helped to inspire others too. This is my small endeavour.

I shall update this page with not only recordings of my sessions but also the best of the motivational and inspiring videos that I come across on the webspace for each one of us to charge ourselves
Mission CAT- Dream It! Do It!

“Awesome”, “Energised me”, “No body can stop me”, “I will get into IIMA”, “I am made for IIM”,

Each one of us wants to be at IIM and CAT is the challenge in front of us. It is achievable and I have been through the same emotions about two decades ago and successfully entered the portals of IIM Bangalore. CAT calls-forth all the energies and capabilities within us to work hard and also smart to enter the portals of our dream IIM. I have been facilitating scores of young aspirants every year for the last fifteen years, by not only teaching QA/DI/EU/RC but also impacting through my motivational sessions – ‘Believing is seeing’, ‘Dream It! Do It!’ and ‘Think Big! Start Small’. You can check the four-part video of Believing is Seeing, down under.

I have been traveling length and breadth of the country for over 200 days every year interacting with tens of thousands of aspirants in these sessions. Not only by traveling to about 40 cities, but I also reach out to eager youth in more cities and towns through the Webspace, WEBINARS. It helps me to reach out to you quickly, wherever you are in the country. You do not have to wait for me to reach your city or centre. Secondly you get to attend it from home or the CL centre. Make the most of it.

This Webinar series will be useful for any one who wants to set a goal in career and life. In the final segment though I deal with the test specific say – Management :CAT / XAT / GMAT or even MAT, Law – CLAT, Engineering, Civil Services… as is required from time to time.

To attend the Webinar you need to register yourself well in advance. We may have a limitation of about 800-1000 participants in every Webinar. So it is in your interest to register at the earliest and not miss it once you register, so as to help yourself and others too. The links for registration will be put on FB/CLRocks page. You also need to have flash player and java plugins on your computer. Kindly download and install them well in advance to have an inspirational experience.

Wishing you a successful year. See you at your dream institution. Just Do It!

Love and regards,

Dream It! Do It! – A compellingly motivational series
Srini’s introspective report on the Dream It, Do It! and Believing is Seeing! series across India.

The journey of ‘Dream It! Do It!’ took me through 45 odd cities in 110 days, apart from a few online session.

“I attended your session at Bangalore and talked to you at the end about how important MBA from IIM is for my life. The session conducted by you has been one of the most inspiring sessions i have ever experienced. Your advice to me at the end really lifted my spirits and my ultimate goal became more clearer.”

Dream It! Do It! @ Patna

“I have attended so many seminars but none has touched my heart like this because this session was not only about cracking CAT but about life and its various shades which we all negate in day to day life. A warm and sincere thanks to you for helping me to think about these important areas.”

“First of all A Big THaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for the session and it was one of the best things i have ever experienced. I have attended thousands of seminars and

Dream It! Do It! @ Jamshedpur

lectures but today for the first time after I left my home some 3 years back in the search of my aim & goal, I have come across something substantial. Believe me sir you have touched my heart and moved me”

So got many of the emails I have been receiving, after every session. Each one is from a charged aspirant who wants to change his or her life for better; who wants to bell the CAT this year.

Dream It! Do It! @ Dehradun

I am on my annual pilgrimage across the country before CAT. I get motivated and inspired while motivating and inspiring youngsters and old alike to push their boundaries…. boundaries of thought and action, and boundaries of achievement! Every year scores of students write back saying that this session has been of immense value in helping them reach their dream destinations, institution of their choice. I keep pushing my boundaries all the time, in order to be able to push each of the participants…. The whole exercise is a great energizer for me, though each session is energy-sapping when I finish those 3-4 hours of ‘dancing and singing in the alleys!!’

Dream It! Do It! @ Delhi

Last year the series started from Delhi with a great opening at three different locations and continued to address CAT aspirants at Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Kurukshetra, Patiala, Patna, Durgapur, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Cochin, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. At most of these locations, the halls have been packed and people were unrelenting to move even after four hours. The audi guys had to push us out!! At Varanasi, it was very heartening to see girls in hijab sitting in the packed hall even when the world outside was celebrating Eid / Ganesh Chathurthi and Teej, all of which fell on the same day.

Dream It! Do It! @ Varanasi

The best thing I liked about the sessions have been the Q&A in each location that lasted for over two hours. The participants, students and also many working executives, asking questions not limited to preparation for CAT but of larger perspectives of setting goals and priorities, focus and concentration, managing time, social expectation, expectations from self, pushing boundaries…..!!

Dream It! Do It! Jalandhar

The participants gave feedback at the end of the sessions. I just thought of sharing the summary from 11000+ participants during the last tour –

a. Feedback about the session
0. Life altering and Life changing
i. Fantabulous!
ii. Brilliant!
iii. Awesome!
iv. Outstanding, never attended anything like this before
v. The session was an eye-opener. It can change everyone’s life for the better.
vi. Such sessions should keep happening once in a while
vii. Very motivational

Dream It! Do It! @ Allahabad

viii. Two more such sessions before CAT!!
ix. I am going to be at IIMA now
x. Can we have Audio and Video CDs of this session
xi. I WILL, IIM here I come
xii. I am an IIMA student from now on
xiii. Thanks a lot for conducting this session; It has changed my outlook
xiv. Do should have done this session four months ago!
xv. You should do it for parents too!

Dream It! Do It! Delhi Univ

b. Three things I carry home from this session

i. Vision, Vision, Vision
ii. Inspiration and Motivation
iii. Positive thinking, Self belief and Right attitude are the key
iv. Passion rewards… I will be
v. Sachin’s discipline, Oscar Pistorius’ strong desire to compete
vi. Energy, Energy and Energy
vii. Practicing everyday is the ‘mantra’
viii. Live, Eat, Breathe what you really want… IIM in my case now
ix. Think Ahead, Look Ahead, Run Ahead… learn lessons from the past

Dream It! Do It! Visualization @ Gorakhpur

x. I will remove “try’ from my dictionary.. I will do it
xi. New found determination
xii. Got a wake-up call !!
xiii. Master the fundamentals
xiv. Nothing is impossible
xv. Determination, Dedication, Discipline… 3 Ds of Success
xvi. Clear vision of what I want to be!
xvii. Peace of mind
xviii. Will remember ‘Going to the 10th floor…’; brain releases the chemicals to help us achieve what we want to..
xix. Listening to My OWN HEART, not to any one else
xx. I will have to conquer myself, I will conquer the world
xxi. If I think I can, I will definitely will make it
xxii. I will never forget Bumble bee and climbing the stairs!!
xxiii. Big successes come when you do small steps well
xxiv. Starting the game and finishing it… I will succeed
xxv. Being selfish and hungry for more

Dream It! Do It! @ Mandi house, Delhi

c. Learnings I will implement in my life –

i. Passion can defy destiny, I WILL
ii. I will believe in myself
iii. I will Plan and work with dedication
iv. I will Face the reality
v. I will Manage my time
vi. I will use Time management matrix to organize my schedule well
vii. I will imbibe the Attitude of ‘just do it’
viii. I will give Sweat, Guts and Blood…. Nothing less will do!
ix. Every second counts; I will be disciplined
x. I will Fight and do not give up
xi. I will be Making schedules and sticking to it
xii. It is ‘Me Vs Myself”
xiii. I realize that there is No substitute for hardwork

Dream It! Do It! @ Chandigarh

xiv. I will Practice, practice, practice… every day
xv. I will tell the world what I want to do!
xvi. I will make learning every day agenda
xvii. I will Change my habits to achieve anything
xviii. I will make Flash Cards and use it every moment of time
xix. I will make IIM class of 2015 Placards and stick every where
xx. I will be focused on myself, and not bother about others
xxi. I will fight the Urge to Give up
xxii. Step out of the comfort zone; I Will
xxiii. I will give up my comforts and strive
xxiv. It is never too late to Begin, I will start today with passion
xxv. I will work harder
xxvi. I will study hard for eight hours; and also sleep for eight to be fresh
xxvii. RC is the key to succeed in CAT, I will work on it seriously
xxviii. Will polish my fundamentals thoroughly
xxix. I will continuously revise with a plan
xxx. I will do thorough analysis of every mock to improve myself
xxxi. I will keep fighting

d. Suggestions to improve the sessions

i. The session is energy sapping, so much in a few hours
ii. Use videos of students going through similar challenges
iii. Show more IIM student videos
iv. More interaction and examples
v. The focus was on Success, winning, can you focus more on CAT (Spent two hours only answering CAT related questions after the first two hours on Dream It, Do It!)
vi. Use more Hindi!!
vii. Kindly include more videos from Business and student world too, though sports videos are very compelling
viii. You can do some activities with participants during the session
The presentation is an older version. Every year the examples and movies keep changing with the latest happenings. Yet, you may go through the slides carefully. Each slide has relevant videos hyperlinked here to drive home the points. The recording of the live session of it in its earlier avatar “Believing is seeing” follows this slideshare..

Believing is Seeing – Recording of the Motivational Series. CAT takers can charge themselves watching this face2face session by Sreeni.


In(dian)geniousness of Pranav Mistry

Amazing entrepreneurial spirit of a fourteen year old boy..Passion wins..A video from TED of william_kamkwamba

Secrets of Success – You Vs Yourself

Passion and pursuit EVERYDAY !! An inspirational film with many achievers !

Take the flight – Achievers against all odds

Oscar Pistorius – Double amputee finishes second in the ROMA GOLDEN 400 metre run

Never Give up – Inspiring film from Nature, how a Zebra drowns the LION

They believe, hence they can

Sachin Tendulkar’s First Interview – Young boy, big vision

A great dialogue from PELE.. Most probably from a film “Escape to Victory”; Very powerful.. With the voice over, you get to see greatest sports persons who were willing to die…and they won

Usain Bolt’s 9:58sec and 19.20sec world record runs

Gutsy – Skiing down the Mt. Everest

Lance Armstrong – great commercial

Mark Inglis – A great mountaineer (does not have legs) who climbed mount everest;

Great TIGER WOOD Focus commercial

TIGER WOODS practice commercial

Roger Federrer – making of a legend

India Poised Amitabh Bachchan

Achieving your childhood dreams – The last lecture by RANDY PAUSCH at CARNEGIE MELLON (Indeed it was his last lecture of his life before he succumbed to cancer)

Steve Jobs, graduation ceremony at stanford

Sachin Tendulkar – making of a Legend

Stephen Hawking – Master of the Universe : Series of 10 sub-films

Stirring National Anthem

Another version of National Anthem

Vandemataram – Maa Tujhe Salaam

Vandemataram – Lata mangeshkar


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