The picture of happiness !!

NAZIM HIKMAT — The great Turkish poet – once asked his friend ABIDIN DINO (Turkish artist and well-known painter), to draw a picture of HAPPINESS.

He drew a picture of a whole family — cramped up on a broken bed — under a leaky roof in a shabby room — but still with a smile on each member’s face!
Goes without saying that the painting became very famous.

Yes Happiness is not absence of sufferings but acceptance of sufferings.See good around you even in trying situations ..stop worrying about things which are beyond your control.. stay happy…

Very relevant in every context, whether COVID sufferings or not getting selected after an Interview in your aspired institution, course or job! Relaaaaax!

Know what is in your circle ⭕ of concern and influence! Stop worrying about things beyond you!

What is the point in thinking about things that did not go well in the past? Can you change that past? No. Make sure you do not make mistakes as you go ahead. Be purposeful. Do whatever you need to do to succeed.

Make sure you and your family is safe in this COVID devastation by maintaining all precautions!

Be happy!

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