I see life as a journey for exploring, experimenting, experiencing, introspecting, learning, expressing and contributing. It is all about discovering oneself. It is a journey within, a journey to awaken the self, the unexplored, realizing that immense potential and capability to contribute to the good, for self and society.  As I progress on the journey within and without, with my family and fellow travelers, I seek space to introspect and express my thoughts, ideas, views and aspirations that so emerge and I am making use of this space, to reach humbly to the world outside. Every comment or thought you leave here will be of immense value in my journey.

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A brief Profile of R. Sreenivasan

R Sreenivasan is a Co-Founder of Career Launcher  (CL Educate Ltd), Director CL Foundation, Trustee Career Launcher Education Foundation (CLEF AP) and Nalanda Foundation. CL has come a long way since its inception in 1995. Today it is a public listed company, CL Educate Ltd.

Sreeni passionately anchors the movement of creating awareness of quality education and facilitates the spreading of the Indus’ learner-centric philosophy to the interiors of the nation, through school projects including rural schools and community enabling centres. Sreeni, along with fellow co-founders, promoted entrepreneurial leadership through endeavours at Indus World School of business (2008-2013) and continues to hold his talks on entrepreneurship in various institutions. He actively invests in start-ups and mentors young entrepreneurs.

Sreeni is one of the thought leaders in the country in facilitating education through technology and web. His experiments way back in the year 2002 reached out to scores of children in CBSE schools in the Gulf to not only top the CBSE and ICSE class XII board exams but also to excel in competitive entrance exams like IITJEE, and youth in CAT etc while sitting at home. Since then Sreeni’s endeavours in this space, including webinars have benefited millions of students across India. He passionately anchors this space within CL Educate, which is always at the fore-front of adapting technology to reach to the remotest parts of the country and abroad. Students sitting at home attend to classes, while parents also get a peep into what their wards are engaged in and how.

Sreeni as the Trustee, Career Launcher Education Foundation, anchored and coordinated the largest ever Tech-enabled project in the world, Education Un-interrupted, the Project Aspiration 2020, for capacity building of State Education Ministries, by training teachers to be ONLINE Educators to deliver the curriculum over the net, reaching out to over 2 million students of Delhi, and other states during COVID19 onslaught. This project was extended to institutions and universities of higher education in India and the African countries.

Here are the two links for you to get acquainted with the latest project –

Capacity Building of State Education System through technology

9/11 to Covid19: EDUCATION – Necessity, the mother of acceptance too, not just invention!

CL Foundation, under stewardship of Sreeni, has launched Project Lakshya, a board-helpline endeavour for classes X and XII for the 2023 board examinations. The project aims to reach about a million board appearing children across various states of the country. Talks are underway with State governments and Large school chains to give access to children from across the country. You can check the details of the project at http://www.clfoundation.in/board-helpline

Dream It, Do It! in Chandigarh
Dream It, Do It! in Raipur
Dream It, Do It! in NIT Kurukshetra

Sreeni is a facilitator and a motivator at heart. He crisscrosses the country to network with similar educational and social entrepreneurial initiatives by like-minded organizations that would add immense value to the education movement. He travels for about 200 days a year from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Kutch to Kohima motivating the youth and mentors of the country to help them ‘realize their potential’ in the process that of the nation.

You can get insights into his nationwide talk tours on youth motivation, entrepreneurship mentoring and parenting –

“Dream It! Do It” ,

Think Big, Start Small !,

Discovering and nurturing potential in your child! ,

If there is one word to describe him, it is “creative.” With about 25 years of experience with organizations such as TCS, Sony Corp and CL Educate, Sreeni brings to education space a rich blend of excellent people-related skills and the unorthodox pedagogy that draws heavily from the arts and theatre. His classes on Leadership and Innovation can make you discover strengths about yourself that you never knew you had.

Co-Sreeni with Dr. Kiran Seth, Arun Sahay and others at SPIC MACAY meeting to raise funds

Sreeni relishes contributing to strategy, innovation and design, business development, quality and last but not the least helping people realize their potential. Apart from Career Launcher (CL Educate) he contributes in a big way to movements like SPIC MACAY, ITIHAAS and several other endeavors in the spaces of Education, Culture and Entrepreneurship.

Sreeni invested time in mentoring a few start-ups as part of incubation lab at Indus World School of business. He also contributes to streamlining processes at SPIC MACAY (a 40-year old movement in engaging youth in promotion of Indian culture and Music), and participates in movements like SRISTI, Developmental Dialogues in social entrepreneurship space. He also contributed to the endeavours of OFIC, part of Ministry for Overseas Indians, in attracting investments into the country in Education Space.

Education and Work:

Sreeni, as he is called, did his Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) followed by M. Tech (Computer Science) from Jawaharlal Nehru University/IITD, New Delhi during the early days of computerization wave in 1980s, and went on to work with Tata Consultancy Services, one of the largest software development organizations in the world. During his four-year stint with TCS, he held various responsibilities including project leader for a few projects.

He then went to do his PGDM(MBA equivalent) from Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore, one of the top business schools in the Asia-pacific. He later joined Sony Corporations’ Sony Entertainment Television during its initial phase and held various responsibilities including EA to VP (programming), manager (production), manager (on-air promotions) and was instrumental in streamlining production and reducing costs drastically.

Co-Founder of CL Educate, one of the largest education corporates of South-Asia

Sreeni then moved to Career Launcher in its inception stage. He has been the start-up man within CL ecosystem, with almost every new project landing in his lap to see the light of the day. From being the fourth member of the team he has held responsibilities of Technology, People and Processes, and International Business during the growth phase of Career Launcher. He headed the school and higher education endeavours too, while setting up the initial schools and business school at CL Educate. His enthusiasm is infectious and he is a livewire. He is also seen as the mascot of CL, representing true spirit of CL.


Education and Career facilitation for children and youth; capacity building of families

One of Sreeni’s passion is pushing people to realize their potential. He has been one of the most sought after consultants for leading newspapers like The Times of India, Hindustan Times and The Indian Express on careers, having contributed regular columns and as key speaker in seminars. He continues to be a regular on Doordarshan (India’s national television), Zee Business, All India Radio etc. for education and career related programs

Sreeni’s motivational talks have inspired a large number of students and he continues to be in demand by the school community – schools, teachers and students. Through his weekly columns and emails he answers numerous queries on careers from far and wide, spread across the age groups of 12 to 60. In the Arabian gulf, from 2001 to 2005, he has produced Education Times for Khaleej Times and wrote a weekly column called EduMap, contributed to Gulf Times through his column ‘Career Pathfinder’ and Q&A / feature columns in Gulf News. He contributes immensely to FutureMap, the career facilitation program from CL.

His seminars and workshops – Dream It, Do It!, Think Big, Start small!, Find a winner in your child, Unsung Heroes are most sought after. He does parenting workshops not only in schools but also in corporate.

Capacity building of institutions

With Dr. T V Rao and Dr Raju at Doha, Qatar 2004

Sreeni is a regular invitee as a facilitator, speaker and motivator at Education conferences across India and abroad. His sessions on capacity building of schools and teachers are much sought after.  Gulf Council for CBSE schools, invited Sreeni to be part of a two-day workshop for all the CBSE principals of the GULF during the Gulf Council Conference held in Doha, Qatar in 2004. This workshop was conducted by eminent organizational development expert, Dr T V Rao, ex-professor Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and Chairman, TVRao learning systems.

Now a days, Sreeni actively participates and facilitates workshops and programs in various national universities and institutions as CL’s endeavours to empower each in research, innovation, incubation, career development etc. under its division called ACCENDERE. Due to NIRF and world rankings, the institutions are consciously working to imbibe the value of research and CL Educate has been doing path-braking work in this space.

Capacity building of corporate

Book – Young leaders Success Code – published by National HRD Network features R.Sreenivasan among the success stories of 11 young corporate leaders. CLICK on this to read Sreeni’s chapter

Team Leadership – R.Sreenivasan

Sreeni, a corporate trainer has been a facilitator in the past in India, for CRESTCOM, Denver, US-based, largest executive training corporate in the world with presence in over 55 countries. He continues to invest time in facilitating and training top management of corporate for developing an open environment in their organizations to improve, synergize and harness the resources and to keep ahead of competition especially in the ever evolving disruptive world. Many an organization has invited Sreeni to motivate their champions to take the giant leap in realizing their renewed vision and mission.

Capacity building of self and, like-minded creative institutions and individuals

Sreeni is a very rare blend of both right and left hemispheres. Sreeni’s interests are varied, and he pursues each one with as much passion

    • Sreeni’s Annual festival of Performing ARTS, SPANDAN: SPANDAN, over the last five years, has become one of the largest festival of performing arts that promotes young talent. The photography exhibition that goes on for a fortnight venerating the stalwarts in Music and Dance is one of the largest in the world. The festival culminates with evenings of music and dances that exposes the upcoming artists to the world.
  • Photography and painting: He has had exhibitions and his collections are displayed at IIMB, Indus World schools and individual collectors; His photography endeavors span the entire length and breadth of India. You can have a birds-eye-view of his work on flickr stream.
  • Music and Television: He has directed a 52-part series, Sur Sandhya, on Indian classical music for television channel Star Plus, each episode had an eminent musician performing. This program was produced by dansuese Mrs. Anuradha Chaurasia (wife of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia). Sreeni is an ardent learner, follower and critic of classical music
  • Theatre: He worked with theatre guru, Mr. Barry John, and was a director on the board of Imago Theatre Group. He takes keen interest in children’s theatre movement.

Colors of India features Sreeni’s dance festival – SPANDAN with international and national artists performing more than one dance form.

  • Dance: While being a good appreciator of dance, he follows and works with eminent classical and contemporary performers; He does shake his legs once in a while in contemporary dance productions;
  • Culture propagation: He helps institutions like SPICMACAY, ITIHAAS and that of many a dancer in strategy and execution.
  • Traveling and documenting: He is a crazy traveler; with family goes and lives with communities documenting their lives while travelling a few thousand miles on road every year. The latest road trip of criss-crossing Tamilnad during the Christmas 2022 vacation, can be watched at the playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5ymk1T0REWI0jll4aY7dcyPcxLOiPTL6
  • His other passions include sports and physical fitness, architecture and design, heritage walks, blogging and writing, reading autobiographies, car rallying, documentary film-making..

In short, Sreeni brings with him not only an immense understanding of education space and entrepreneurial endeavors, but also his intense involvement in the spaces of performing and fine arts.


      • In a single life, sir… How you are managing somany things simultaneously. You are really helping us to realise what we have never thought of. It’s my habit of reading your articles this has helped me significantly in the last 1 year though still many changes is required in my thinking thought process to really excel in life.


      • I have my share of struggles. Normal human being, no superhero, only thing, I pursue everything I love and enjoy…. Allocating times here and there…. I have my own share of fears, laziness…😉


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