The Woman – The creator and The enabler

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Every day is a HAPPY WOMAN’s DAY!!

The world begins from this wonderful, powerful creation of the almighty – Woman.

From being a wonder Mother, loving sister, enabling friend, enchanting girl-friend, romantic wife, adoring daughter, ever-giving grand mother, determined sister-in-law….. the role meanders..

Starting from innocent young girl to the all powerful Aadi shakti, never-to-get enchantress to voluptuous beauty, disarming boss to the coy new bride, svelte dancer to melodious singer, charming young lady to wizened elder…the swift change in the avatars, only she can handle. She may even not realize, the ease with which she moves!

I pay my tribute to this wonderful human form and being, called Woman. The world exists only because of her.

Every day is a happy woman’s day!!

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