Journey Of Infinity

Life is all about knowing oneself and discovering what more I can do. The possibilities are infinite, the learning avenues infinite, the explorations are infinite, the applications are infinite…the potential is infinite. The more we dig within, the more we discover. So journey of life is all about unearthing the INFINITE within. It is the JOURNEY OF INFINITY!

There are numerous individuals, who in their pursuit to discover their infinity, have not only are realizing their potential but also have impacted many more around them and society at large. I have encountered them in person or some media. I did some research to know more about them and tried to document my encounters and interactions, and learning from those –

Dream It! Do It! – It is all about the grit and determination with which each one overcame all the initial hurdles to succeed in life; This segment has my motivational session to youngsters “Believing is Seeing”, apart from the videos of inspiring personalities and documentation of their achievements. Dream It! Do It!

Think Big! Start Small! – This section of ‘Journey of Infinity’ is all about individuals who are daring to realize their dreams by starting small. Within a few years of their starting their journey, the impact of their pursuit is being seen and felt. Think Big! Start Small!

Unsung Heroes – This segment of Journey of Infinity captures the endeavors of individuals who might not have been toasted by media or citizenry alike, but by their dint of their handwork have come up the ladder very strongly and have realized many of their dreams. They are the ones whom most of us even do not care to know about. Unsung Heroes

My Journey – Under this series, I document all the interactions that accomplished individuals have with students at Indus World School of Business, Indus World school or elsewhere. These interactions stimulate me as much as they may do to youth or children. They capture the nuances of the journey of these amazing individuals, they have a secret formulae of success hidden. It is up to each one of us to grab it, imbibe and implement to succeed. My Journey

REALIZING THE INFINITY motivational talks and workshops

The world is evolving at a rapid pace. The technology explosion is at the core of every change. The generational leaps are shrinking. Age is a non-factor. YES, BELIEF IS!

“Realizing the Infinity” motivational talks and workshops are engaging and interactive to enable every individual and organization to ENVISION for self, ENERGIZE to execute and ENTHRALL by impacting.

The talks and workshops have instilled compelling purposefulness among organizations to create their BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goals, Institution Building (premier institutions of higher education and universities), Movements like SPICMACAY, ITIHAAS etc; as well as in scores of youth across the country, to create their vision for life.

These talks and workshops are tailor made for the audience and purpose. If it excites you, kindly write to

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