Environment @ School

When a child’s mental faculty grows to be eighty percent of an adult in the first three years of life, to eighty percent of an adult by the age of eight, and ninety-eight percent of an adult by the age of fourteen, every parent, adult or mentor in the learning environment of the childhood has immense role to play.

Here in I shall share my learning, explorations and interactions to facilitate some insights for every mentor and parent. I shall aggregate resources too from various facilitators across the world.

Welcome to the exciting world of children’s learning environment in the school times…


  1. Hi Sreeni,

    I have attended your seminar in chandigarh. I am pretty excited about your idea for providing good Primary education to children.
    I want to conrtibute in this mission. So, i want to meet you to discuss it further.

    Kindly let me know your availability for a meeting.

    Thanks and regards,
    Sandeep Kumar


    • Hi Sreeni sir,

      I really want to be a part of this initiative. I do have some good thoughts and ideas about the same. Please mail me @bhatia.pulkit07@gmail.com to discuss.

      @ Sandeep – Please mail me if you want to discuss and share regarding the same.

      Thanks & Regards


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