Learning Environment

The journey of LIFE – from craddle to grave – is nothing but a journey of observation, introspection, assimilation, application and contribution. The journey passes through various stages of childhood, teenage, youth, adulthood and so on, with each stage the process of learning is stimulated by the activities in the environment.

Phases of learning in the evolution of a human being.
Phases of learning in the evolution of a human being.

Stages of Learning

Learner at different ages have different needs. We need to understand this and create learning environments that facilitate the process of learning in an inclusive and smooth manner.

Ananda- The Joy of Learning

Up till age of eight, the environment for the learner needs to be stimulating enough to fall in love with the happenings around, in the process he learns too. This is what we call the Joy of Learning.

Ananda is the growing phase and needs holistic nurturing at this stage and the environment needs to develop physical, mental and emotional skills of children

Jigyasa- The spirit of inquiry

Between the age of eight to fourteen, when the learner is curious and inquisitive – to understand what, why, where, when, who and how – he is in the Jigyasa stage of learning. We need to encourage observing their surroundings, asking questions, learning by doing. It is important that the parents and facilitators take part actively with the children. Help the learner to explore and experiment, make mistakes to realize and learn.


By the time a learner emerges out of Jigyasa phase, the exposure has been so much that the learner will realize what he enjoys doing and is capable of. He enters the learning phase of Saadhana – where learning becomes focused towards the pursuits of career and life. The Saadhana phase is almost the entire life beyond the age of 14.

The outlook towards life, ambition, passion and pursuits in life has been shaped by the first fourteen years of an individuals journey of life.

In this section, I will slowly evolve many an explorations and possibilities to facilitate diverse needs of children, youth and parents.

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