Great learning resources on the web for learning and also facilitating children : Here in, you will come across a great collection of websites and tools online that can prove to be invaluable for our learning and growth. In the process I am sure each one of us will turn out to be a better facilitator of the natural learners, children. Kindly bear with me for a while as I am classifying a long list to paste here. Happy learning!!

Collections of learning resources

1. Arvind Gupta Toys Website : An amazing collection of resources by one of the best science facilitators in India. Prof. Arvind Gupta, an IIT alumnus, who has dedicated his life to facilitate children understand science with simple contraptions that children can create by themselves and observe.
2. teachers network connecting with teachers across the world.
3. Ms powell’s first site Second site Amazing initiatives of a third grade teacher and freelance writer in Florida. She is into 10th year of her teaching.

Interesting governmental educational websites
1. Sasketchwan, Canada

Resources and ideas for teachers to create lesson plans for learning environments
1. A framework for planning of themes, activities, reflections etc.
2. Lessonplanz searchable directory of free online lesson plans and lesson plan resources for all grades and subjects.

Resources for parents and teachers for self-learning and facilitating

1. KG Books, Lesson Plans and Thematic Units for Kindergarten facilitators. Priced.
2. oblockbooks For early childhood teaching. Priced.

1. dositey Ideas for Math and Language Art. Priced. Some free downloads.
2. softschoolsFor Math and phonic worksheets. Priced.
3. mrsalphabet teaching the alphabet, math, phonics, and reading. priced.

1. handwriting for facilitating children write. priced.

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