Innovations – NIF

NIF, SRISTI and Innovations : The first in this listing I would like to mention is that of SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and institutions), Honeybee network and NIF (National Innovation Foundation). All of these are the brainchild of Padmasree Prof. Anil Gupta of IIM Ahmedabad. His vision and untiring efforts the movement he initiated culls out grassroot innovations from the country side. The endeavour is to make each innovation sustainable, scalable and mass produceable. Check out the website and also following few videos.

About the evolution and work of Honeybee Network, SRISTI and NIF in four parts

A few videos of interesting innovations

Coconut spiderman, powerless washing machine, Scooter for impaired, Amphibian transport !!

Self Accelerating transport!!

Multigeared Rickshaw!!

Mobile windmill powergenerator!!

Remote switch operator

There are scores of them…just YOUTUBE it!!

India Innovates part – I and Part – II

Innovate or Die videos. I came across a collection of videos on innovation from across the world that can be easily adapted for Indian conditions. If there are any entrepreneurs around who can grab it, I will be delighted.

[Kindly cut and paste this playlist on your address bar and the rest will be a delightful journey v=Le85KjalzwM&feature=PlayList&p=1557996E0F514BE2&playnext=1&index=11]

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