The pressure of studies in B-School environment is said to be immense! Why?

Sir, you have been saying that pressure of studies will be immense. Why it is so? Is it the cramming of theory again which makes it a huge syllabus?

Practical approach to education in India is less, so considering that it will be as usual that they will teach theoretical concepts and will give huge assignments to write.

And even in that case why they build so much pressure rather than dividing the curriculum properly?

One of the main thing, networking, communication etc will not be there due to SFH (Study from home). Which is I guess builds someone more for a managerial role rather than theory.


Unlike the last year, when there were a lot of uncertainties due to evolving COVID scenario, this academic year, the moment every one gets their two doses of COVID vaccine, which may happen by sept/oct, I am sure the B-schools and every institution will open the gates of their campus! So, be ready, to head to the campus at the end of the first term. And, by then, it will be time for the process for summer placement!

The whole learning process at the best of the B-Schools, all IIMs, XLRI etc will be highly practical in nature and there will be no cramming, whatsoever. This will be the approach whether SFH (studying from home / online classes) or you head to the campus. The last one year would have given the B-Schools enough experience to design a pedagogy that will be demanding, even if it is SFH! 🙂

– Every day would involve a lot reading: (studying, studying concepts, frameworks,….)..A few chapters from the assigned books, researching through suggested reference materials available in the library or online libraries that one can access…

-Studying the assigned case for discussion: Understanding the case with relevant concepts, frameworks etc that you would have understood reading the suggested chapters and reference material

– Every subject will have groups of 5-6 people, the members are decided by the profs. So you may find that no two subjects have common People

– Applying the learning, critically analyzing the case by your own self, and then discussing in the group that you are assigned to evolve a group strategy / solution. But, you need to understand, that every member of your group will have many other groups, one of every subject of the term. Finding time to assemble as a group for a particular subject in itself will be a herculean task.

– When you meet as a group, sharing individual learnings, analysis and then as a group arriving at alternatives, evaluating the cost benefit of all the alternatives, taking decisions. Then presenting the unified decision making and strategy in front of the class, either at the assigned time or even at surprise time that you may be called to present.

– Getting ready for group presentations, with case report, ppts etc would take time. Invariably, all group members may have to burn the midnight candle, almost every day for one subject or other. Groups are pitted against each other…evaluating the relative performances….a few marks assigned on various parameters. The professor many call any one in the group to present. So, every one in the group is expected to be as professionally prepared. You cannot afford to be a passenger in the group, even once.

– Then you will have many many surprise quizzes, any time, any day, without any announcements – Half mark, 1mark, 2marks, 5marks, 7 marks…quizzes..sorts..

– A live project or two for every course that could account for 10-15marks

– Even before you realize, the professor would have taken away 60-70% of your marks. Mid-term and end-term will account for the rest of the 30-40 marks…

– And you will have 6-9 subjects every term, of 9-10 weeks, with such intensity and daily deadlines in every subject.

– There is nothing called minimum passing marks…Everything is relative performances…

– Every professor will have his or her own benchmark and performance metrics..

– A professor may say I give 5 Fs (fail) and 10 Ds(Deficient) for sure; another may say I give 7Fs and 8 Ds etc…so all subjects have different evaluation measures…in every term…

– You may be surprised that even after scoring 70% or 80% you may end up getting a D or F, because you end up being in the last 10, or 7 students in the class…

– The insti may say, that anyone who gets 4Ds or 2Fs or such combinations, in the first three terms (first year), you may either be asked to go through the first year again (repeat) or may be asked to leave the program. Every year about 4-5% of students will either repeat of leave the program…

Sure, neither you , nor anyone would every like to leave the program after putting so much of effort to enter the IIM, and then paying the fees through your nose…

So, the program will get intense by itself, as every one is working towards, “Apna poonch bachao”; “I shall save my tail”…..

Why do the institutions make the B-School environment so intense or competitive?

Simple. In the real world, only one or two brands in any product market, take away the major market share, the cream and cherry! And most other brands fail…

So, if you are not one of those brands, then you do not deserve to be in the market…and as an aspiring business leader you need to be oriented for such a market…..Such a career in offing, post your program…

And the program is also one such market place, and you are a brand! Will you survive in such a market?

Hope, I have been able to address your question…

Having said that, you will be surprised there will be many who will excel not only in acads, but also every kind of sports, extra-curriculars….etc. The program demands a high level of Purpose, Passion, Perseverance.

And all of your co-learners / friends on the campus become your co-travelers for life time. Infusion of that spirit and camaraderie starts on the campus with the intensity with which you play every game, inside the class or outside….in groups, teams or individually.

You will experience amazing faculty, visiting faculty, professionals visiting, and many an authority in many subjects inside your classrooms, and most of them will turn out to be your friends for life time. All depends on how much you invest.

More you invest, more you gain!

Best wishes!

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