Timely sleep – secret to health and excellence…

Sir i am trying to get up early but i have heard that many bschoolers sleep at 1-2 in the night and by getting up at 5-6 Am, thats just about 4-5 hours of .

Any insights how we can manage that and please share how you managed sleep in your bschool days….

I always benefited being an early riser…

I usually am asleep by 10:30 and body clock wakes me in 5 hours…

For example…

A. World asleep in the morning, none disturbs, productivity high. How efficient will you be at 11pm after day long classes and activity? Zero…just time pass happening…

B. Since all asleep, the resources at the insti are plenty at 3-4am, while till 2am people are fighting for fewer resources in the library, computer centre,…as things are rationed

C. You always finish the most important tasks of the day before the world even wakes up..

D. And I invest in a 10Km walk, energizing myself for the whole day and as active at 10pm as at 4am…on the walk, I relish classical music, feeding my soul too..

D. At the mess/food, too you have personalized attention of the mess staff when you go for Break fast, as hardly anyone there…

E. Reach the class early, relaaax, be ready….

F. Most important secret is this – Health. Our internal body system, which is magically created, is an extension of the universe. Both these universes are in sync. Our body gets influenced by the time of the day and night (sun’s movements).

The internal universe is at the best to cleanse between 11pm-3am. So body expects, one to be asleep, to do the cleansing. This cleansing helps in balancing the chemical composition of the body…which in turn infuses energy and health….so body is constructed to be asleep between 11-3am…

If you see, the elderly, ones in their 80s and 90s are healthier than many a 30 year old….cardiac arrests have become common now! Very sad, I came across an elderly father recently writing an obituary of his son….

health is wealth…The balance between the following three, makes the health…

– Diet
– Sleep
– fitness

These are a few of the benefits…..

Where there is will there is a way…
Have dinner early, before 7pm. Go for a walk for an hour 6-8kms. You will be tired and will sleep early.

Early you bed, early you will rise…will make you healthy, wealthy, wise…

After writing the article from my perspective, I came across this articl. Read, you must..https://www.thegoodbody.com/benefits-of-sleeping-early/


  1. Quality of sleep matters too.

    Switch off devices atleast 60 minutes before you hit the bed. Read a book that leaves you happier by the time you are ready to sleep. Have a night time short ritual – will do you good – splash water on your face, wash your feet, brush and hop on the bed. A few drops of castor oil or sarso ka tel for massaging your feet and a short prayer – to whichever power you repose your faith in.

    Get the room as dark as possible and sleep with gratitude. To rise to a wonderful day tomorrow, which many might not see but everyone hopes to.

    Well written short and lucid…kudos


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