It is all in mind, my friend! Conquer Self, Conquer the world – Mark Inglis !

Mark Inglis, the New Zealander, inspired by Sir Edmond Hillary always wanted to be a mountaineer since his early child hood!

From his teens he set out to emulate Sir Hillary,  climbing various peaks around the world to get seasoned for the Assault on The Everest!

Never say Never ! Mark Inglis !

Phewwwww ! In one such ascent on a snow clad peak, he slips into snow covered gorge, not to be traced for 13 days, when he was just about 22!

Thankfully he was found alive, after long searches by the rescue team, with his feet completely buried in snow for 13 days while his upper body got saved due to an overhang! He was rushed to a hospital, in an helicopter There was no choice but to amputate his both legs above the shin to save his life!

Imagine a human being working for almost a decade since his childhood, to only climb The Everest, finding himself without feet, could no stand or support himself on the ground! What could have been his state of mind! For how long will that goal, the inability shall haunt him?

This is the story of what every human being is capable of, if he is


Mark Inglis goes on to

– Study and get his PhD in microbiology

– Becomes a Brewer; An entrepreneur

– A Triathlete

And lo behold, he was at it, working assiduously for 30+ years, day in day out, whatever it takes, to become the only human being with no feet, double amputee, to climb The Mount Everest at the age of 52, realising his dream, his goal of his teens!

He has been one of my inspirations in life. Have been using his videos to not only motivate myself for over a decade now, but also scores of youth, in talks and addresses!

And ask ourselves, what all are we carrying with ourselves, in one of the simplest of the goals we need to achieve…..To clear the exam that can change our lives….and that too we are working at a home, being home due to PANDEMIC, with all comforts, parents taking care of all our needs….


Time you go rid off all ills that you have gathered in last 18-20 years !…

Need deeper introspection of habits and attitudes that affects effectiveness in life…

Do not attribute to temporary issues…and gloss over the real concerns, the diseases..

Lack of –

– Purposefulness: Vision, Goals
– Passion
– Perseverance, focus and concentration….

No desire to Channelize energies to
– handle interests/disinterests
– manage time and resources
– overcome laziness, to put hard yards
– work smart in choice making, decision taking
– Polish match temperament
– overcome fear of failures and outcomes
– handle stress
– being ruthless on self, processes, execution
We keep telling ourselves-
– Don’t like reading
– Don’t like maths
– Hate learning tables, reciprocals,…
– Never likes puzzles and conundrums….
– sitting 2 hours for studies is a challenge
– I do not have stamina to be at one work for long

Only when we are critical of our in-capabilities, our weaknesses, habits and see what we need to do to quickly to fix them and work resolutely, will we be able to do course the correction…,

I am not just talking about preperation to the test in offing. I am talking about life…



The world will celebrate you, worship you!

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