Who Am I; What more Am I? Life is a journey to find answers to this one question! Nothing else….

It’s the final stretch, the tension builds up…. This happens, year after year, exam after exam, while the youth is heading towards an examination that each one wants to crack to better their lives….

Most get stressed, paralysed thinking of the outcomes…. They fail to play the game the way they must…that they really are capable of..

Why does it happen?

Because one has put everything in one basket, “clearing that exam is important”, not even knowing why. Only thought about the exam as either as

A. Escape from the thing I am doing now. Want a better job, salary than what I have now..or

B. What now, I have done this degree that I do not like, and every one is talking about that degree that can change my life….or

C. I really do not know what to do in life, that degree may help and may be I will discover something….

and so on…

The real issue is, WHAT and WHY of life has never been given enough thought. The purpose of life is completely missing. Unless we do not know WHAT and WHY, how will we ever find answers to WHERE, WHEN, WHICH, WHO or HOW?

Those who are stressed, who really struggle in the run up to the final have just focussed only on HOW to crack the exam, somehow, without really knowing why, and what all it takes to….

Those who know their larger purpose in life, they know all possible paths to realize the larger purpose, and the exam they are appearing in, is only one of the ways! That empowers them; they know that there many more ways to reach the destination, so they tell to themselves,” I WILL GIVE MY BEST NOT BOTHERING ABOUT THE RESULT. I WILL BE FEARLESS, RELENTLESS AND RUTHLESS” and focus only on execution! That pays off !

For finding meaningful purpose in life and how to go about, read this article that I wrote……. IKIGAI

NOW, though I do not know about my purpose in life, but I have worked hard, how do I give my best and get best result in the exam..

Just do what the person with purpose does. Be just FEARLESS, RELENTLESS AND RUTHLESS. Believe in yourself. Focus on the process, focus on execution !

How do I de-stress myself to do it?

First, you need to detach yourself from the results. Just focus on execution. You need to work on yourself…..

Energize yourself first…..

Bring back the real you… Do what invigorates you, energizes you that can make you take on any challenge in life….like writing poetry, listening to music, going to gym, dancing with nature, clicking pictures…..

Start doing this on the final stretch….

A.Think of your best performances. Best achievements….and how did you approach to make that happen…. just do it!

B. Relax. Go for 5-10 km walk early morning. Build, calmness, patience and stamina….

Meditate with nature, in a park after the walk. Get fresh air…..

Makes you look at the whole thing in a different perspective

Positivity thoughts —>
Positive language –>
Purposeful Action –>
Affirmative Results –>
Skyward Confidence –>
Reinforces Positivity –>

The cycle is an upward spiral… Always be on such

Be Fearless. Practice Relentless. Execute Ruthless. Never be worried about the outcomes.

If you are playing any game or sport, do you get worried about losing the match? NO, you are immersed in the action.. Intensely…Same here.


Be hungry on the D-DAY to devour the exam….

That’s the formula….Detach yourself from the results

Just do it…

—– My Journey : My Purpose …Who Am I, What more Am I !! ————-

How do I infuse energies in myself every morning? Read about my mornings

Core purpose of my life….why do I exist ?

Enable every human being realize his/her potential, to make their dreams come true, facilitate them realize their goals

I eat, breath, sleep, dream, live this core purpose of my life… You have been experiencing me for the last 3-4 months, day in day out….

Strangers sitting on my next seat in a flight or train do experience this core purpose of mine……. I am a compelling one…. Many a youth, many a CEOs, Entrepreneurs who have been my neighbours on the flights have become inspiring co-travellers in my journey of life….

How am I able to do so?

I will be able to do so, only when I am passionate about myself realizing my potential…..and I pursue every passion I wish to excel in, impact in….

Almost been 30 years, since I have been facilitating, in my own small way,

1. Youth with dreams in their eyes to identify their purpose in life, break their mental barriers to embark on their journey, first facilitating each to reform themselves to start performing and achieve their immediate goals..

2. Teachers, facilitators, institutions, governments to create the most inspiring learning environments

3. Career, Life coaching of individuals in their 20s-40s who wish to identify their real purpose in life, relationship mentoring too to find stability in life to fire themselves to excel in every plane of Maslow’s hierarchy to get on their journey of self-actualization!

4. Young, budding Artists as well as established ones, who wish to further the reach of their arts, art forms, crafts…

Every human being has infinite potential! Journey of life is all about realizing that infinite potential, in the process positively impacting self, family and society !!

I am on my journey of realizing my infinity!

Finding answers to the only question in life – WHO AM I? WHAT MORE AM I?

I have designed my “Home of infinity” in two layers!

One layer is the layer of belonging, family space !

The second layer is that of pursuing my infinity, with three studios…that keeps all my passions alive….. Not just keeping alive, I do get hired as a professional or advisor, I get paid….

Studio 1 for (the shared video)

– Photography
– Music
– Dance
– Films
– My last exhibition
– Library for all passions

Studio 2 for Energizing the world

Career, Life coaching that infuses purpose, relationship coaching that ignites passion in all higher layers of excellence

– Webcast studio
– Audio recording studio
– My office for work, markets….

Studio 3 for

– Design workshop
– Painting station
– Gym
– Tools for all passions

Studio 1 also for

– indoor sports – TT

Studio 1 + 3 for

– Pistol shooting – 10m air pistol (planned)

All studios are open for any one who wishes to avail for pursuing his or her infinity !!

To deep dive and know about me, read About me

I am celebrating Life ! So do everyone with a purpose !


Do you wish to celebrate your life too? Then..

Think about life…..Your purpose of life…

Vision for life…Your long term dreams…

How do you feel about, what you will achieve when you are 80…..

Is this exam you are about take, really that important, for that journey….

If so, just go and play the game. Enjoy the game. Focus on the next ball, the next min….smash the easiest, keep moving, never waste time on anything. Maximize your returns…..in everything you do…

Just do it ! Then the institutions too will want you!

God bless!

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  1. Every time I read a article of yours I feel a deep trouble and hope that one day even I will realise my potential.
    You are really a inspiration of me.. Sir
    One thing which I really loved about the CAT journey is knowing about you and how much you have inspired to look way bigger Picture than even I am thought of.


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