Crack the CAT, the way we did : Lessons from @DarylMitchell and @MathewWade


We are in the final slog overs of our CAT MATCH! I am sure most of us are feeling the nerves on the roller-coaster.

The lows seem to be abyss that gives sleepless nights, while the highs we do not value, as we think it is just an aberration, and the lows are bound to happen! “What would happen if this happens on the D-Day!”

Conquer Self. Conquer the World.

Forget about the D-Day! Most of us tend to give up mentally, even in mocks, when the going gets tough. Tough, why? because of

– Lack of real purpose, vision for life. So goals are never given a thought. Driven by externalities.

– Our choices of what to do, is mostly random, without any thought or strategy. Even if given a thought before the exam, the rational mind goes for a six, as irrationalities like Fear of failure, Ego and guilt take over…


Let is just take a quick look at the the #T20WorldCup underway in UAE now.

The two formidable teams that were in the rampaging form in the group rounds, thrashing every other team and touted to be title contenders, #England and #Pakistan are out of the tournament!!

Why? Who brought them to their knees !

#NewZealandVsEngland 1st Semi-final !!

#NewZealand has one @DarylMitchell who believed in himself and his limited abilities, and was purposeful and determined to take his team across the finish line, from a situation of hopelessness for most, with the best of the four top batsmen back in pavilion!

New Zealand opener Daryl Mitchell, was so focussed, relentless and ruthless, that in post match interaction, he said he “couldn’t remember” what was happening in the field of play as he went about scripting his team’s sensational win over England in the first semifinal of the T20 World Cup in Abu Dhabi, UAE on Wednesday


#PakistanVsAustralia 2nd Semifinal

#Australia has one @MathewWade, not even a regular in their #T20 line up, who smashed a slew of sixers, completely out of the box innovative strokes, in the 18th and 19th overs, including 3 sixers off the first 3 balls of the 19th being bowled by the most dread pacer of the tournament, @ShaheenAfridi, to seal the fate of Pakistan!

Australia’s World Cup hero Matthew Wade has revealed his stunning semi-final effort in Dubai was an all-or-nothing effort as he feared it could have been his final game for Australia.

Wade, who conceded he was nervous coming into the match knowing it might well have been his very last game, was on a scratchy eight off nine balls early in his innings before coming home like a bullet train.

He finished with an epic, memorable and potentially career-altering 41 not out off just 17 balls.

Wade, who turns 34 next month, is well aware his chequered career, which has incorporated more comebacks than most, could have ended with defeat to Pakistan.

“I was a bit nervous coming into the game knowing potentially it could be my last opportunity to represent Australia,” Wade revealed.

“If this is it, this is it. It’s not really on the line for me – it’s going to be all over.

“I feel like this game was maybe harder nerve-wise than what the final will be because now we’re in it we’ve got nothing to lose.

“That might be my last game too and I’m comfortable if that is it.”


Lessons for CAT takers from these two….

A. Have clarity of purpose – Long term, short term..

B. Goal now : Crack the CAT at any cost;

C. Every Mock matters, Every game is my FINAL CAT

D. Believe in all your abilities, however limited it may be. Even an ANT CAN KILL AN ELEPHANT.

E. Every minute precious, every ball/question a potential sixer (3 marks)

F. Have great clarity of your strengths, your weaknesses, and choose the ball you will wack for a six

G. No EGO, No Guilt. No Bahamas. No Kahanis.

Never think about the results…..Just Play the game…

Be Fearless in thought and approach.

Be Relentless in practice.

Be Ruthless on self and in execution.

As in army, they say…

“Right Place, Right Rig, Right Time. just Show UP”

Believe. Strive. Thrive.

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