Life, Career….or CAT, CLAT, Civils…How to be effective?

This article came out of a question by a youth,

Kushal Deb Roy, emerging out of his struggles to score in the prep for CAT -at 11:08pm, Nov 8, 2021 :

He is getting 100+ marks in mocks…. and I am stuck in 30, 40s. Is there any hope ?

— My response. A little long, can ignite!!

There many many with 100+. There are many who have jumped from 40s to 80s and nineties….

The scores are a reflection of who you are, attitude, outlook, habits, behaviours that you carry into any situation.

What you have become in 22 years cannot be changed in 22 hours let alone 22 days, if you are never willing to introspect and make shifts. For many it may even take an year or two, as we human beings always like to be in comfort zone and do not like any change in our environment.. Imagine if you have to initiate the change, monitor and master it.

For eg. The struggle with the sleeping habits that you have no choice but to change to be effective on the D-DAY. It is not going to be easy!! Many of us shall blame the outcomes on this factor alone!!🤔

Respect the circadian rhythm for effectiveness of body and mind. IP. From the net. Belongs to the owners.

For many it took them 3-4 months bring the change in their outlook towards life and CAT, a few woke in the last few weeks or days…

….I am sure there are many many stories in this group who have brought about a change in themselves, albeit a on few fronts, addressIng the core issues.

The messages of transformation and processes I have been sharing in the last 3-4 months are the outcomes of those reforms of themselves. Those who are reading this and worked on yourselves and brought about the shifts and there by increased your effectiveness, may respond to this message, your experiences and how others can make use of your reform process.

We all are animals with selective perception. Only when we want something very badly, we notice things that are relevant to us. Eg. If you want buy a shoe badly, you will notice everything – the ads, hoardings, deals and lo behold Google and FB will start chasing you with ads that will entice you every which way till you end up buying not just one, a few 😀!

UNDERSTAND, IT STARTED WITH YOU THINKING, “You want the shoe badly”. The question now is, HOW BADLY YOU WANT AN IIM, ABC?

I am talking about PURPOSEFULNESS and NOT desperation!!

Though less than three weeks left, no harm in taking charge of yourself and bring about the change.

Der Aye, Durust Aye!
Though late, but sound and safe!

An individual needs to look deeper at oneself and bring the shifts. One needs patience, purpose, passion, perseverance to perform.

Informed —>>Reform–> Perform–> Transform !

This is the process to perform and transform oneself. IP Ram Singhal. Author Own Zero.

Friends, I have been sharing every day, a lot of things that could have and still can be of great value for life, not limited to CAT.

CAT is just an event, IIM is just a 2 year sojourn to transform yourselves, equip yourselves with a few more weapons, charge your armoury with knowledge, skills, techniques, relationships to continue on your journey of realizing your infinite potential, realize your CORE PURPOSE of life.

Money, Name, Fame are just by-products, all will follow and are a result of your purposeful journey of infinity, that will do good to yourself, your family and also humanity. After all, how much money do you really need? You will be remembered for what impact you leave, rest are ephemeral.

People who discover their purpose of life are always charged because they know


They are problem solvers, solution finders and creators! They do it all the time, let alone challenges they face to Bell the CAT.

Are you one?

Will you be rélentless and ruthless in your pursuits and life? Take a call!

Here is one of my endeavours showcasing the relentlessness and ruthlessness on self!

Hope I finish walking 4000Kms this year too, come Jan 01, 2022. I am purposeful! I shall! Last couple of years the app healthifyme ranked me in the top 100 out of over 25 million users. This year I did not use healthifyme, as I have become a mechanised machine, the subconscious mind is delivering me!!

Train your subconscious mind to be rélentless and ruthless!

Those who are taking CAT or keen on taking in the future, this article of mine can be of great value to figure out what they ought to become to be in the consideration set. Give a read. Click on the link.

What is CAT really all about? Know to become better on your journey

Enjoy your purposeful journey! Celebrate Life.

Certainly like to hear response from every one, does this message have any value? In what ways?

This article has come out of 55 years of my being, and now I invested 40 mins to write after deep introspection of how to help each one of you. I am sure you can spare 4 secs to respond, with your comment down here 👇

You may like the article 👇 and Share the link to this article with someone who can benefit.

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Thanks. 🙏


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