OWN ZERO by Sri Ram Singhal – my tribute

Dear Sri Ram Singhal ji,

Saadar shat shat Pranam  !

Sir, I have just started really deep diving into your inspiring work!

It is an honor, privilege and a ‘Divine’ blessing to have received a copy of your precious work of life time.

I had quickly browsed the day it arrived. I realized that it needs a meditative penance to absorb and reflect.

No wonder, the deep person of reflection that you are, it has taken you 40 years of such a penance to understand the layers and express about this magical creation of the Almighty, the “Atman” on earth, as my dear father says, about every human being, and what she really is and capable of and how the realisation of “owning zero” can really happen, and shared the nectar of such divine understanding of Atman.

I have just started my journey of ‘owning zero’ only now…

May I humbly request to bear with me, to do my deep meditative penance with your torch of “Own Zero”.

I shall blog multiple articles as I journey with my “Own Zero” and keep sharing with you…

My journey has been to facilitate each individual in life that I come across, or who approach me…with a core purpose of ..

“Enabling every individual realize her potential, to make her dreams come true”

Now that I have picked your “own zero” to realize more of my “own Zero”, the more and more I read, the more layers are emerging…

As I am progressing, I am realising how beautifully you have conceived and expressed the process of “owning zero”, after continuous deep Introspections, painstaking realizations,  meditative evolutions of design, finally unravelling through insightful construction and then sharing with the humanity to go through such a divine process…

As I evolve on the journey of “Owning my zero”, may I seek permission from you to use learnings and frameworks from your inspiring work, to “awaken thyself” of every other Atman that I come across!

This is my first offering to you as I start the journey with, “Own Zero”. As I keep evolving, shall keep adding a few chapters, and share with you.

Saadar Pranam,


God bless!

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