Injury Free Sports Ecosystem – COVID Times – Webinars by DDF

Global Sports Injury Conclave (GSIC) 2020 , An Initiative by my friend Nishant Dayal, spearheading Dr Dayal Foundation (DDF) and Powered by Elite Sports Management conducted 15 webinars during the Pandemic lockdown.

The thought was to utilize the Lockdown to the maximum and target one Mission – “INJURY FREE SPORTS ECOSYSTEM”.



All in 90 Days

Hence, DDF was able to conduct 15 Webinars with Great Personalities discussing Extra Ordinary Topics.

• Issues of Fitness
• Workouts
• Injury Management
• Sports Diet
• Increasing Abilities
• Skill Development
• Effectiveness of Gym
• Sports Management
• Importance of Self-Motivation
• How to get Mentally Tough

Including In-conversation with Richard Madley as well.

The idea was to Educate and create awareness among the Sports fraternity as a whole on Fitness, Workouts, Equipment to use and Nutrition.

It has been a pleasure going through the sessions. Thanks to each of the Panelist, who participated in the GSIC Webinars and made the difference to the Society.

This is a treasure trove for repeat watching. Visit the GSIC Channel on Youtube.

The panelists :





Jonty Rhodes
Ali Irani
John Gloster
Andrew Leipus
Madan Lal
Chetan Sharma
Sanath Jayasuriya
Danny Morrison
Syed Saba Karim
Kartik Murali
Deep Dasgupta
Swati Bathwal
DrOnkar Rajiv Bilgi
Varun Shivdasani
Divya Prakash
Rajkumar Sharma
Lalchand Rajput
Nilesh Kulkarni
Ajay Ratra
Paul Carrick
Amol Muzumdar
Amoggh Pandit
Rajesh Chauhan
Sumant Shyam Kulshreshtha
Simon J A Taufel
Rajiv Chaudhri
Chetnya Nanda
Sonu Sharma Ji
Paras Juny Anand
Vineet Sareen
Pushp Kohli
Aditya Mahajan
Sree Santh
Ajit Menon
Saurabh Agarwal
Ankit Behl
Uday Veer Singh

I was a panelist on one of the webinars focussed on how to keep oneself motivated. Here is the link to the article based on that webinar.

This would have been impossible without the constant effort by UDAY VEER SINGH and Team Elite Sports in creative, Video, planning , coordination

Hope DDF continues such webinars that contribute towards knowledge not only for sportsmen but also fitness enthusiasts.

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