Sportsmen, how to motivate self, be mentally tougher and train during COVID times : webinar with John Gloster, Ramji Srinivasan

Global Sports Injury Conclave (GSIC) – WEBINAR 12

DDF PRESENTS – How to Enhance Self Motivation and Mental Toughness for Sportsmen from Lockdown to Normal Match Days ?

John Gloster – Ex Physio, Team India, An Australian Sports physiotherapist with 27 years experience, shared his unique points on mental boosting and from inactivity to normal days.

Ramji Srinivasan – Ex Trainer, Team India, one of the Most experienced Strength and Conditioning Coach of the country and a Regular part of our webinars, gave insights on motivated mind soul theory. His contribution in this webinar was remarkable, been good for attendees.

R. Sreenivasan – An IIM Bangalore graduate, A Co- Founder of Career Launcher, An Educationist, Sports Motivational Speaker, also wrote a few books shared his central strength points on self motivation and also on COVID related mood swings

Nishant Dayal – Sports Management Specialist, moderated the webinar, where he had great discussions with the Panelist and Special Guest Sreesanth of this Webinar.

Some brilliant panel discussion we had…..!

Last surprise was S. Sreesanth , the last catch of World Cup Winning Indian Team 2007

It was a pleasure to be on the panel for discussion with people of eminence – John Gloster, Ramji Srinivasan who have served the national cricket teams for years. Thanks Nishant for inviting me to be on the panel.

Sports has the magic of showcasing the roller-coaster of the whole life in a 90 min game of soccer or a basketball, or in 20 overs of 20-20 match…. These are the few stories of amazing sportsmen that I have always been inspired by… many many more such..

Mark Inglis – The mountaineer, only double amputee to climb Mt Everest, PhD, a brewer…
Jesse Owens – 1936 Berlin- six world records Within an hour
Betty Robinson – 1928 100m champ – plane crash – crippled – yet 1936 Gold
Gail Divers – autoimmune disease – 1988 semis 1990 disease 1992, 1996 100m gold
Ana Quirot – Cuban athlete – 1993 stove burst – third degree burns – pregnant, lost child, 40% burns – yet medal winner at the world 1995, Olympic 1996, world 1997
Aries Meritt – 2015 world silver after 3 years of battling kidney disease
Anil Kumble, broken jaw in West Indies; taking 10 wickets against Pakistan in an innings…

The following is my notes before I started the session…


– same situation for everyone
– unfortunate, but once in a life time opportunity
– how do you make use of it

– positivity – upward cycle or downward cycle
– positivity – thoughts – language – action – results – confidence – thoughts cycle
– training mind, body and soul, discipline is the key

– Apt time to Reboot, Relaunch, Rule
– everything is between the ears
– You conquer self, you conquer the world

– train, muscle memory can be trained even by just thinking  
– Rehearsals, conscious – subconscious and super conscious powers of mind
– do what you love, love whatever you do

– eager learners -‘life-long learners
– Courage to FAIL – First Attempt In Learning
– Humility to build teams and leaderships

These are the quick notes as I was listening to John and Ramji

John Gloster touched upon these…

yoga – meditation – soul
Adaptability is the key
Physical limitations – but need to be ready to compete
Adaptive intelligence is the key
Awareness of self very important
Mental and physical – conditioning
Any warrior  will use a blade of grass as tool
Each may need to work on Balance, strength,
All components of fitness and mental conditioning
creating ones ST, MT, LT goals
Need adaptability as you go along

What is the Role of Physio – trainer?

– communication in the dressing room
– whatever is the strategy , if not executed on the ground, it does not matter
– Physio manage the assets, through the tournament
– risk mitigation strategy
– nutrition, training, fitness

How to handle the Physio – trainer issues?

– strong reporting and operational structure
– conjunction cannot miss any red flag
– so map the roles and reporting structure


Ramji – Roadblock

During COVID

– Athletes – are shooting in the dark
– nuances, pattern
– dates are nebulous
– keep short term goals
– daily and hourly goals
– empirical value – every day every session
– live every day wholistic method

– physical capacity
– mentally one has to be very astute
– each one is different, needs and goals are different
– intrinsic, extrinsic expectations are different
– mental health is the key

JOHN Gloster

– Prevention of injuries
– Physical and mental

– transition period – which country you are in, depends
– activity
– Format dependence
– Independent dependent – 4 weeks to 6 Weeks
– team getting together
– Barcelona, how the soccer team sets an example on multiple front

  • Breathing exercises, meditation can make a huge difference in being relaxed

The Indian Cricketer, Sreesanth, joined from Ernakulum towards the end, and reminisced of his times with John and Ramji, and how they shaped his journey as a cricketer in the Indian team

It was indeed a great learning experience for me. Thanks Nishant.

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