You are what you think you are – Charles Eugster, 97 not out!

“Life is a wonderful gift. It is not over, until you think it is the over’ – charles!

Many more to add….

These COVID days, the news of sudden demise of known, dear ones have become common, that includes many a youth, even doctors of immense calubre. The fear of who will be the next, where from, is gripping every family I come across. Every other individual you encounter beyond your immediate family, is seen with scepticism of being a carrier of the virus. I am no exception !

While pandemic has caused immense harm to families, societies, nations in many ways, I also see tremendous transformational processes COVID has set into motion, that hitherto were shunned. Apart from technological paradigm shift, a whole lot on the personal level too. Many have rebooted themselves in these times. One such dimension for a host of proactive gentry is fitness.

Here is an inspiring story of purposefulness of Charles Eugster that I came across a whatsapp university post. He has a lot to say and is very compellingly motivating and competitive !

Share your introspective thoughts, as well as what did you add to your repertoire in these COVID induced times, in the comments. Looking forward to. Thanks.

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