My Teacher, Ms Molly Abraham !

Here is a very touching story that each one of us can surely relate to. This story is from good sections of whatsapp university! Thanks to the creator, Ganesh Kohli, the sutradhar in film.

The impact a teacher can have on a young mind is unimaginable. Very few exceptional set out with a purpose to impact the very existence of the learner. They live, breath, eat, sleep their passion.   They  are transformational.

Whenever I do workshops for teachers, mentors, facilitators, coaches I ask three questions.

A. What percentage of knowledge that you apply you learnt or acquired in the classroom and what percentage from so called extracurricular, cocurricular etc beyond the four walls of the classroom?

B. What percentage of what you apply in your daily life came from the teachers you have been taught by and what percentage from the co-learners in the class.

C. How many teachers in your life do you remember fondly? Why?

The answer to the last one is usually a number that you can count on fingers of a hand.

Those are the teachers who, who not only address the first two questions innovatively, but also transcended the following seven spaces to touch you as fine inspirational human beings. (will post another one about these seven spaces, talking in detail)

1. Mind Space

2. Energy Space

3. Voice Space

4. Visual Space

5. Physical Space

6. Personalized Space

7. Emotional Space

These exceptional teachers are always endearing, genuinely interested in your growth, betterment, excellence being empathetic and compassionate. They have been transformational. Many times, because of such teachers, a student who hated a particular subject starts excelling to such an extent that the subject becomes his favorite for life and he goes on to pursue a career in that subject, the one hated once in life.

Watch this touching story by Ganesh Kohli ( – My teacher, Molly Abraham.

Let us celebrate teachers day that is the offing. Love to hear about how you felt watching this video and share about your favourite teacher and why, in the comments. Can send across a short film too. I shall blog. Looking forward to hearing.

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  1. […] Recently, I blogged an article when I came across a video on whatsapp, wherein a gentleman visited his teacher, Ms Molly Abraham, after 26 years, to pay his humble respects for what all she has done to influence him for life time. Thanks to Google, I discovered that this gentleman is Mr. Ganesh Kolhi, who has gone on to become a teacher and career counselor to facilitate the young minds. You can peruse that article here […]


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