You are the creator, dear friend! Make it happen!

CAT is a mind game. I have been sharing this from word go. Through every article of mine….

Self-Belief :

Day before, in #FIFAworldcup2022, two millennials, Bellingham and Saka, gave England unassailable lead against Iran; then yesterday, Saudi Arabia delivered the greatest upset 2-1, to Argentina…..all delivered by the pugnacious mind, with immense self-belief…..

Friends invest this week only in mind, body and soul. Be the SKY in CAT 2022…you know what I mean…Program your mind, body and soul to play the game the way you desire to.

Subconscious Mind :

Your subconscious mind is very powerful. You have experienced it – the day you want to get up at 4am at any cost, you wake up 5minutes before alarm goes…The subconscious mind whenever you programme with all consciousness will make your goals come true…

Relax – Body, Mind, Soul :

Go for 5km walks, early mornings. Then sit in a verdant park, vibrating with nature all around – birds chirping, flowers blooming, making your DIL KUSH…

Meditate – Visualize you are sitting in the classroom of your dream IIM..Believe. Imagine discussing a case study with your fellow classmates, playing in the ground, enjoying a movie on the campus, leading a club, interacting with CEOs of companies visiting the campus …..

You may wish to paste your photo on a print out of this seating arrangement and stick on to your wall!! And visualize every day…

Subconscious mind is very powerful and will make it happen!

Listen to your favourite soothing and calming music…as much as you can…

Sleep – Invest in Sleep for 8 hours, between 10pm-6am. Before you hit the bed, invest five minutes to program your subconscious mind with your visualization as shared in the above point, for the subconscious mind to work, even while your body goes into deep rest.

Being Ready….


Make sure you do a recce, visit the examination centre, a day or two before so that you are clear about the route and comfortable reaching the centre, know the place to sit and relax and meditate, before you are allowed entry into the examination hall ..

Get everything ready for the D-day, everything that you need to carry with you…sleep early, have a good sleep….

D-Day :

Reach the centre well in advance of your time, on the D-day. Enter your designated room, get into your seat, get used to your computer, the keyboard, the mouse….once done, formalities over, then close your eyes get into your meditative state of visualising your execution strategy

Unshackle yourself once the clock starts … Play the game with all intensity.

God is in execution!

Be focussed, be fearless, be relentless, be ruthless, be comfortable at a little higher speed to keep the attention on the process. Believe in your subconscious mind, to understand, to solve, to figure out, to eliminate, to pick the choice that alights you…..keep it going…You shall do well.

You are the creator of your destiny. As they say, “God helps those who help themselves,” – almighty will drive you to make it happen the way you wish to. Your subconscious mind shall deliver.

Be, Purposeful, Passionate, Persevering.

Ever forward, Fearless, Relentless, Ruthless.

Believe. Strive. Thrive.

See you receiving the interview call from your dream IIM!

God bless!

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