First Millennial goal scorers – Bellingham and Saka

One can see the impact on the game for England against Iran, that the two millennials Bellingham and Saka brought about. While Bellingham opened the score, I am in awe of how, the diminutive Saka with his purposefulness, eagerness, alacrity and swiftness was all over, fearless, ruthless, relentless with his bubbling effervescence.

I have no doubt we will hear a lot of these two, and a few more millennials who will impact the ongoing soccer world cup in Qatar! And I may go to the extent of saying, this Saka may end up being the highest goal scorer of this world cup. You will see now on all opponents making special plans to curtail his swiftness!

The Mellenials at the forefront. Believe. Strive Thrive.

Saka, has rebounded and redeemed himself, from the lows that he had to go through a couple of years ago, then only 19, when he was subjected to racist abuse for missing his shoot-out kick against Italy in the 2020 European Championship Finals. England lost the cup.

He had then said, “I will not let that moment or negativity that I have received this week break me.” Saka is a Straight-A student, a top tennis player too, and now the top scorer at soccer world cup!

I was reading this morning his daily prayer,

“Heavenly Father, you have given this new day to me, help me to make it one that pleases you by doing my best in everything. Amen”

And he is making it happen!

How about you?

Be purposeful, passionate and persevering!

Your dreams too shall come true as long as you are fearless, relentless and ruthless in your execution!

God bless!

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