Relish your infinity: Sia, conquers two worlds – Medicine and Dance ! Natya Vriksha facilitates…

I have always been on my journey of realizing my infinite potential. I call it “Journey of Infinity”. And, I make sure, everyone who I come across, gets facilitated to be on their’s, be a youth, or a CXO who seeks me, and even someone who sits next to me on a flight, surely shall get ignited for life; of course I too get invigorated. This is one such story!

I believe that each one of us have many many capabilities. Every passion is a potential diamond mine! And I am sure each one has a few passions…..each one can be as rewarding, in many ways!

Unfortunately, society feels, reward means only monetary…..I can tell you, there are many with a lot of wealth, but mentally stressed and live a miserable life. I am sure none wishes to be on such a journey….When you leave this world, what wealth will you carry? The wealth you leave behind, may be of some value to your progeny. But, I must say, nothing is guaranteed! The Ambani brothers have showed what they did with what the wealthiest man left behind, instead of joining the forces together….(nothing to denigrate, but to share what happens…)..on the other end, there are many families where progeny set out on their path of infinity, and do not care about the wealth their parents created!!

What do I wish to say? Yes, money is important, for sure, for the roti, kapda and makaan (bread, loins and shelter) as Maslow categorised at the bottom of his hierarchical pyramid. The real questions is are you on your path of self-actualization, that can impact not only you, positively, but your family and society too…

Here is one inspiring story from my journey of past week ….

Sia, @siamaheshwari20, a young girl, all of eight, dancing in the class along with our elder daughter, Mallika, under the tutelage of Guru Geeta Chandran, a Padmashri and Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee, and all the akkas of Natya vriksha, a good 10 years ago…thats the visuals I have fresh in my mind….

Guru Geeta Chandran with Sia

And lo behold, last week, I get to shoot the young girl who has blossomed into a young lady, ready to not only conquer the dance world, solo, with her Bharatanatyam Arangetram, but also stepping into the world of medicine!

Imagine, when the world is crying about COVID and the devastation it has caused to the mental psyche, here is a young girl, who strived rélentlessly to study for NEET to realize her dream to be a physician, coming from a family of CAs etc. And also planning to finish her arohan to the stage of dance world, being purposeful, disciplined and ruthless on self, fearless and forceful, all with a smile on her face

And this is not just true about Sia, it holds true to every girl warrior who emerges from Natya Vriksha, under the tutelage of Guru Geeta Chandran, a strong lady who herself is, an accomplished dancer, vocalist beyond compare and with a master’s in Mathematics …and the lively man behind her, Sri Rajiv Chandran, the brain behind many initiatives emerging at the stable of Natya Vriksha. Of course in every public performance, he is the first to perform 😋!

I have seen the emergence of over 40 such brilliant dancers on the dance stage of the world, who are girl warriors, as I always admired the strong woman I come across, in the last 17 odd years of watching Geeta ji and her institution, Natya Vriksha. Every girl emerging from the dance school, goes on to conquer the world with their professional career too, with a flourish, being alumnus of one Ivy league University or other from all over the world…

I can write a story on each of these girl warriors, and would love to create a Natya Vriksha book of warriors!

A few such youthful woman warriors of Natya Vriksha like @AmritaSruthi, @madhura.bhrushundi @shruta30 @sharanya and many more, always find time to groom the next generation of stronger young ladies emerging from the Playground of Natya Vriksha, under the watchful eyes of Geeta ji!

Amrita, Madhura and Shruta with sia, and ever reliable cosmetician Brij ji

Coming back to Sia, delighted to also see, #ShlokMaheshwari, younger brother of #SiaMaheswhwari, all of 14, designing all the communication materials for Sia’s arohan scheduled for this week-end! These designs of the invite posted are all Shlok’s works!!

What a blessing to capture Sia! Thanks to Guru Geeta Chandran @chandrangeeta. Always a learning experience and fun to be with the @natyavriksha vriksha family; of course with perennial encouragement of my stronger, better half @ganeshindira who is a force-multiplier in every deed of mine!

It was indeed a pleasure to get to know the Maheshwari family too, both, #ShubhraMaheshwari and #RahulMaheshwari

#Photoshoot #Arangetram #BharataNatyam @bharatanatyam

Here, I unleash my photography skills (rather of Nikon’s). I must say all the young girl warriors at Natya Vriksha are as good as me even in photography…. Amrita, Shruta and Madhura facilitated me to get the final outcome you see here…

For more of the select pics from the shoot, kindly click on this link Sia’s shoot pics on Sreeni’s Flickr stream

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