PDP Personalized…. Why such premium, I am getting GDPI for 4K!!

A lot of students think that when GDPI training is available at 4K why should I join PDP Personalized at such a premium!

A few students did ask me about it, and I had interactions with all. I am sharing one such comprehensive interaction and more here, for giving the deep insights, why it is a one time investment for life, that will transform you forever!


Enjoy this insightful interaction…

Now that CAT committee has lifted the veil, whats the expected scores and percentiles? Lovvve to hear from you!

Student S A:
Good Evening Sir

My score is 96, Expected percentile accordingly seems to be 99.15%ile

Fantastic S.A.

You will get calls from most top IIMs

Do not waste time. Enroll yourself in PDP Personalized, TODAY and start with the first batch …..

Simple goal, convert every call you will get…

PDP PERSONALIZED will groom you not only for interviews, you will gain a lot for life, and also the learnings will be useful at the IIMs and in the placements there too…

Abhishek Vats, a lawyer, class of 2021-23 at an IIM!
Srashti, IIM Indore, class of 2023. Dec 13, 2021 chat.


S A:
Sir CL has predicted the percentile 99.28, Can I get calls from Old IIMs as well? I am a non engineer

S A, Focus on your circle of influence. Make sure you crack everything that comes your way…

Why worried about things you cannot control…

Enroll today in PDP PERSONALIZED…

That you may realize later being the best decision of your life..

Yes sir I understand what you’re trying to say, but its always exciting to think that I might be getting a call from my dream colleges, you surely know how that feels when we’re at this age, But yes, all I have to focus on now is XAT and GDPI

What is important? Converting everything that comes your way and creating choices, to pick and choose ..

Or worrying about one you did not get?

Create your choices and make instis worry about whether you will join them or not!

S A:
Sir, one other thing, I feel like the PDP personalized is very expensive if we compare it to other institutes sir which have priced their gdpi courses quite low as compared to pdp personalized, There’s a ballpark difference of 17k-18k.

Do you think what I invested in you and every student should have come free during CAT prep?

Tell me honestly how much should I have charged?….

Now you just read the naming of the programmes….

GDPI  vs PDP Personalized…

Do you see the difference in the names?

During the last 3-4 months of interaction with each one of you, Did I mentor each one of you for just clearing Quant, LRDI and VARC cut offs alone during the CAT prep ..
invested in facilitating one realise ones purpose,  create a vision, infuse passion…. reforming ones behaviour, making one transform and facilitate one be a master of one’s life …excel in one’s approach to life and CAT..

The approaches are very different, my friend….we address the root causes and facilitate transformation….


S A:

No sir absolutely not, PDP definitely is worth more than other gdpi programs, I’m being very honest here, each and every faculty has been very involved with us throughout our prep, but IMS has its gdpi course offered at approximately 4000 for those who are at 99%ile or up, So if PDP was priced at even 15-16k (that means 4x the amount)  I would have not thought twice about enrolling, but 25k is a little more in my honest opinion.

One is ready to pay 25Lakhs for any MBA degree that gets peanuts….for most!!

The kind of effort you will see in PDPP does not go into even in the counselling for University admissions abroad after taking GMAT, GRE, SAT, for which people pay a few lakhs, since they want to get there…

And here CL transforms people…for life… Do you think people will not realize what CL does….You must ask people who have already experience PDP Personalized..

Most come to PDP Personalized after researching all over, interacting with so many…

This effort In PDPP is priceless….

Are you reading stories of people who finally join IIMs and XLRI, that I keep sharing in groups and DMs…Click links to read about a few FINAL CALL GETTERS and Achiever stories in these lists, as they shared with me,  how they went about working on arriving at their Purpose of LIFE, Vision and how they converted their IIM / XLRI / FMS interviews..

And these IIM Alum keep telling me PDP Personalized changed them so much that they crack IIM placements and their dream jobs…..

You will be surprised that CL Alumni who have been through A B C alone in the last 25 years number a few 1000s…Many are CXOs and we continue to interact, mentor them whenever anyone calls to seek our advice for life….a few of them will be there in PDP P too mentoring this year….

I get messages who are getting placed at IIMs

It is not a business…….

It is Passion, Purpose, dedication, perseverance….

Read this message from a mentee 2019.
Received Yesterday!

Uma Deepthi, NITIE, class of 2022; shared about her placement news by herself; and this interaction followed! Dec 11, 2021 interaction!

S A:
Sir, I understand all this, CL mentors have made me reach this stage, I have reached at this percentile because of the constant efforts and motivation by you and other cl mentors, But sir, As you might know, a lot of students like me at CL and every other institute are freshers, and our coaching and gdpi prep are funded by our parents, so its very hard for us to explain to our parents how a 25k course for gdpi will help us any more than a 4k one, obviously I can also explain them to a certain extent only, so what should I do now sir?

You made me create this now! 😀

S A:
Sir, I agree with you 100% sir, Even my parents would, they have always spent money on my education without thinking twice,They went above their means and got me admitted to one of the most expensive private school in Delhi, My yearly school fees was 1.2 Lakh and I went to that school for 8 years Again I am trying to explain to them why the Pdp is worth it, I’ll try even harder but again I can only explain them to a certain extent.

Dear friend, all the mentors and facilitators in PDP PERSONALIZED are

A. Purposeful, Passionate, Persevering, Caring mentors who are hand-holding every mentee to transform themselves…

B. Are CL Founders, CXOs, entrepreneurs, seniors from corporates who are Alumni of these top B-Schools, IIM ABCL, XL, FMS, IIFT etc with experience of a couple of decades

C. They have mentored in the last 25+ years a few thousands of aspirants to reach the portals of their dream B-Schools…

D. Most of the mentors, facilitate or train TOP managers in various companies, governments on various issues related to life, skills, careers, technologyb and policy making..

E. Each charges a few lakhs per hour when corporates or governments call them on consulting, training, mentoring….

F. Many from the mentors get co-opted by IIMs to be part of their selection panels for these post CAT interview processes, and they do become part of such in  the years they are not involved in coaching and mentoring. The years they are, they decline the invite due to conflict of interest….

THE PDP PERSONALIZED PROCESS is very detailed and inténse

A. Psychographic profiling

B. Introspection sessions
C. Autobiography writing and analysis

D. Profile writing and analysis

E. In depth personality analysis

F. Facilitating Purpose and Vision creation

G Hand-holding to reform, perform

H. Interviews, mentoring sessions, feedback sessions

I. Multiple mentors analysing and enabling

J. Institutional insights

K. Live institutional interview updates..

L. Every thing available through your dashboard that gets updated after every process for immediate reflection and facilitation…

and so much more ….

Hope, I have addressed all your dilemma on why PDPP Personlized is premium!!

I know, finally it’s your call. Take an informed call..Do your best in whatever you do…


Believe. Strive. Thrive.



This interaction may be on going…as I wrote this article to share with S A and with others too…..

God bless….

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