CAT Scores – Broad category of Questions responded to!

As the CAT 2021 takers are writing to me after the score card has been revealed a couple of days ago, I have been addressing their concerns and dilemmas.

The variety of questions have been growing. I thought it will be of value to write an article, classifying the variety of questions and clubbing similar ones under one heading/concern… addressed all the classified concerns at one single place, for the benefit of every student.

Since the article has been shared and read, the aspirants have started appreciating….”Reading this one article has cleared all my doubts, and how to go about. Thanks a lot, sreeni sir’! a few respondents have already shared….

Hope you too get as much clarity…..

write/DM to me if you have any question or dilemma to be addressed…

keep visiting this article as it keeps growing with more questions getting addressed! Thanks.


Hi sir,
My scores are not good. I am disheartened and dejected. I gave everything in the last six months and what did I get?

Scores of 47, 53, 59, 62…..many in such bracket…..
……… responds…

Every warrior goes through lows…..

They get up, dust themselves, with greater determination head to the next battle ..

give your best for XAT….and other exams…

You cannot afford to make the same mistakes again….

So, need to introspect, what happened in CAT, why it happened in CAT…

If you really have a purpose and passionate about it, you will do everything possible to reform yourself and shall conquer self, and you shall conquer the world!….



R: Hlo sir
I scored 82 marks slot 3
Sectional score Varc39,dilr22,quant21
30months work ex
Sir I wanted to know what all calls can I expect and how should I go about preparing for further rounds

It’s close to 98 percentile sir
Sir any suggestions?

(There are many in the 90-99%ile bracket  seeking answers to their quandary)
R, I am sure you have done enough research already visiting many of the virtual prognosticating temples…what more can I be of value….I am no better… neither am I a clairvoyant…

I am just a mind-strength, career-life coach…

I just focus on the CL core-purpose and that of mine, “Enable every human being realize his or her potential to make their dreams come true”, and I am very very passionate and purposeful about it….

I would just like to say…

Focus on your circle of influence. Make sure you crack every interview call that comes your way…

Why worried about things you cannot control…

Enroll today in PDP PERSONALIZED…

That will be the “best decision of your life”…. You will say this…and remember for life..

What is important? Converting everything that comes your way and creating choices, to pick and choose ..

Or worrying about one you did not get?

Create your choices and make the INSTITUTIONS that call you worry about whether you will join them or not, eventually ..

Hope I made sense…

God bless!!


A H:
Thank you sir for motivating us, and for being the lamp bearer in the darkest time.

Sir, i didn’t do that great in cat ,
Overall 45
Nc obc
Non engineer(pharmacy)
Acads 8/6/8
And any how i have to take college with these scores.
What should I do?

I want to thank you in advance for your kind gesture.
Why have to take college?

A H:
Bcz sir my family is financially very weak and they can’t give me a extra one year to prepare, the last option is work+study, and if i started earning it would be very difficult for me to continue study’s.
The only thing I would ask you is, is there a bit chance to be in a decent college. And i am sure that i would crack gd pi of any institute bcz i am a public speaker, and had spoken on various big platforms.

Work for a couple of years, make money to create some corpus for the family… I worked for 4 years, funded my brother partially, funded myself too a little, apart from taking bank loan that I paid off in 3 years after graduating from IIMB

Always do MBA from the best…. It is not a degree … it is a transformational process for life…

A H:
Thank you sir, surely would look through it.



N:  Hello sir,
I need your opinion.
I am a fresher and a GEM,  after checking the answer key I am getting a predicted percentile of 92 which hopefully will be increased to 93or94 at max though I am not quite sure about that it’s just an assumption.
I know I can do way better then this, so will it the right decision that instead of taking some baby IIMs I can complete a year and get 1year work-ex then again prepare for cat or should I just take admission into whichsoever IIM I get.
Please provide your valuable thoughts on this because I am really confused.

Of course, you can, if you are passionate and purposeful to be in A,B,C…I did,.a good 3 decades ago….

I advice this first….

Give your best this year at interviews that you get called for, convert and then take the call….

I had a mentee last year, who converted MDI, a few New IIMs…and didnt join as he wanted to get to only A B C…

In fact he had a 100%ile sorts in Quant last year and he is one of the subject facilitators in the groups and has been helping you all this year…

Last year he got a 98.9 or so. This year he has got an 89!!

He is very very good and was confident of a 99.8 getting into the D-Day…something happened during those 2 hours….

He may have to take next year…

So, first focus on the calls and Interviews and converts…

There have been cases in the past, that people got all top calls for 2-3 years, converted none….since never focussed on personal transformation, on how to conquer self and how to conquer the panel, conquer life…

Anyways, time is on your side, next CAT is an year away….

Hope I addressed your question..

ISB Hyderabad

A: Good evening Sir

I need a piece of advice from you. I am a bit confused about how to move forward given my situation.

I graduated in 2021 and have a deferred admit from ISB through their YLP program for class of 2023. I gave CAT last year, got 93 percentile and converted SPJIMR. Left it because I preferred ISB over SPJIMR at that time and wanted to try for IIM ABC.

This year as per the predictions I percentile will be around 96. I have not really started serious prep for XAT as I don’t feel motivated enough rn.

My profile is
10th: 95
12th: 96.2
Grad: 97.5
Experience of 5 months as of now

Should I focus on XAT and if I get calls from any other IIMs this year or gear up for another attempt?
Hey A, you have become very relaxed and contended because of ISB.

YLP program is a business strategy of ISB to book their seats well in advance. ISB offers a one year program.

A person like me who has been in the corporate world, an IIMB alumnus, and is a voracious reader, follower of business, investor and stock-market trader still feels, I must leave everything and go back for an year or two to study again, to be focused, and learn with all intensity…

One year programs were designed as a refresher for people with years of work experience. Those with 7-8 years of work ex, with good understanding of corporate world, go back to get the theoretical, conceptual understanding of what, why, where, when, which, who and how of their practical and experiential knowledge ..

ISB for its own survival, to make it attractive, for such people started in India with their one year program…and then started making fool of every aspiring youngster to join, through their YLP net, laid far and wide keep their admission pipeline full…

For an youngster like you, 2 year is very good for a grounding and understanding the basics of business.. ..


A. Give everything for XAT. Start working seriously…you can crack it. XAT is more varied and interesting that CAT, and also easier.

B. Start preparing for interviews. Immediately join PDP Personalized. You will get good calls, being a female…instis look for diversity…

C. Gearing up for next year CAT can happen post interview processes.

D. Yes, Reading newspapers and books of various genre, a couple every week, should continue for life.

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