An era is going to end…. treasure them!

As a generation bridging the two, I just thought of sharing this article that I came across…

As I was blogging this article, my better half, a 50 year old, was calling at her loudest, to a 16 year old youngman sitting hardly at a distance of two meters. Not once, but a few times. The youngman is lost in some video on his mobile, with the music blaring into his ears through blootooth earbuds!

That made me more purposeful in sharing this article ..


A generation is going to leave this world in the coming 10/15 years…

This generation people are totally different…

Those who sleep early at night, those who wake up early in the morning, those who go out for a walk in the morning.

Those who water the courtyard and plants, those who pluck flowers for the worship of God, those who worship, those who go to the temple everyday.

Those who talk to those who meet on the way, those who ask about their happiness and sorrow, those who bow with both hands folded, those who don’t take food without worship.

Fascinating on old phones, maintaining phone number diaries, talking with wrong number, reading newspaper twice to three times a day.

Those who always remember Ekadashi, those who remember Amavasya and Purnamasi, those who have great faith in God, those who fear society, those with old slippers, vests, glasses.

Those who make pickle papad in summer, those who use homemade masala and always look for local tomatoes, eggplant, fenugreek, saag bhaji.

Do you know that all these people are slowly leaving us.

Do you have anyone like this in your house? If yes, take great care of them.

Otherwise, an important lesson, will go with them… That is, a satisfactory life, a simple life, a life that inspires, a life without adulteration and texture, a life that walks on the path of religion and a spiritual life that cares for everyone.

Give respect and affection, time and love to those who are elders in your family, and if possible try to follow some of their footsteps, because this is the generation, who  Knew the art of being happy.

This is the last generation in human history, who listened to their elders and now listening to their younger ones. 🙏🙏🙏


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