TOP B-Schools Matter…..MBA is not just a degree…a fresh dialogue with a 2022  aspirant……

Good afternoon, Sir !

Like CAT is over, so after IIFT etc, I’ll start preparing for GD and PI .

I’m a fresher with not so good academics. Completed BSc this year in Jan, here in Jammu . What do you think my chances of getting in top B- schools if I get 95 plus percentile?

As I don’t have any work experience etc .

Be genuine , Sir !
Have you ever found me not authentic in the interactions?

Never! I am notorious to be in the face…..

It is not about getting into a MBA, a B school, it is all about what is your purpose of life. Are you aware of your purpose? Vision for life? Goals – long term and short term!

MBA, a B-School is just a 2 year sojourn, that equips you with tools, knowledge and network to carry on your journey of purpose…

The Best B-Schools transform your life.
IIMB did to me.

A top B-School transforms you like none other, as you will have…..

A. Best Co-learners, who have come through stringent selection process and they give their best in every space, whether inside classroom or outside…co-curricular or extra-curricular….debates or discussions…presentations or case studies….group activities or solo… sports or theatre… will experience the extraordinary….and the life in the hostel itself is a great eye opener….that pushes you to perform and you will discover more of yourself…..

B. Eminent professors who themselves are outstanding practitioners and advisers to many a corporate and CEOs. That helps you understand what all goes on in the board rooms, key decisions, strategies adopted, why? etc and you get to connect with the top honchos…

C. The pedagogy and learning that adds so much to your knowledge, tools and techniques that you will continue to build for life…and with a lot of activities that happen beyond curriculum, you evolve as a human being…

D. You become part of the amazing alumni fraternity that will have stars from every walk of life. This adds to your life, unimaginable power, through the networks that get laid even without your asking….and this network remains forever….

The BEST always attracts the BESTEST 😉
Unless you know the purpose, do you really know which B-School to go to…NO.

– Climbing Mount Everest,
– Sailing around the world,
– Swimming across the English Channel
– Circum-navigating the world in a microlight aircraft
– Trudging across the Antarctica

All are different, all are outstanding! But, need different training, different schools!

Only when you ask yourself….

WHAT you want to do in life and WHY,

you will get greater clarity about


And finally…


—– Finding Purpose in life….Read


P: Now I think I should apply for Great Lakes, IMT etc.
Dear P, how old are you?
What do you want to do in life?

22 running
Be successful in all aspects
What does success mean to you?

Now at this point of time in life , I think making a lot of money for me and my family and people associated with me in any way!
Money, fame, travelling around the world, best lifestyle are byproducts of your excellence….they anyway follow…

I am sure when we go away from this world, we are not going to carry anything. In fact what we leave behind, beyond the materialistic, the impact on humanity is what people talk about….

Of course money is important to give reasonable comforts to the family….

That is all the more reason not to waste money of parents on any aira-gaira MBA……invest in a very very good B-School education that shall impact your life and your family…

Give all the exams this year with purpose, grit and determination. You will get into one of the best… still IIFT, XLRI, TISS….all exams to ….are good…

If nothing good materializes, then Work for a couple of years. Go for CAT again after 2 years.

Let me tell about my CAT and IIM journey.(read ABOUT for detailed profile)

– I worked for 4 years after double masters in computer science and applications, worked in TCS and then went to IIMB….

– I took CAT multiple times…(an interesting and long story, in short…I took all attempts while working…

    – First time, 1991, failed to execute my strategy; My brother and I prepared together, and he executed strategies I created to the T and made it to IIMB😀. It is all about execution.
    – Second time, 1992 Dec 6, the Babri Masjid was felled, 2 days before CAT, postponed for 3 months due to riots etc..
    – Third time I cracked it in CAT 1993

– Finally I went to B-School of my dream, IIMB, at 28 and graduated at 30!

One of the my IMPACTS on the culture of IIMB. click and read the link in the next para!

Of course, I impacted IIMB when I was there as a student, and continue to even now, in such a way that every Director since then, and every professor still remembers me for my contribution to the institution.

– It is not about getting a degree of MBA.

20 year reunion of my IIMB class of 1996.
You will spot the stars


I AM NOW ON THE WHATSAPP GROUPS of three top class universities, where I did the three masters from, including my IIMB group, even after 32-25 years of graduating. Each of the groups have ‘diggajs’, whose who in the world of not only corporate leadership, investing, financial world but also from every walks of life, including people in the power corridors, who pick the phone any time, and we meet at each other’s homes…

Okay sir , great !

Yeah sir,  I totally agree
I just want to explore and push myself more and more and more and I think MBA can help me in that !
MBA from the best, need to be your goal
Never go after a degree ….

Anything you do, must be from the best of that kind

can read about and watch “In conversation” here

Yeah sir , great thing u said !

Totally agree sir totally agree

And thanks alot sir I think now I’m very very clear about why MBA !

And sir It’s really nice talking to you !

Go to my website and read as many articles related to MBA as possible…

Okay , Sir !

And Sir i think I missed what u were trying to say. the thing is Sir, I don’t want to waste time or drop a year, I want to get placed in any of the firm and start making money.

And also MBA from best should be my goal . So after working some time when i feel I’m good enough for the best, I can then apply for executive MBA in any one of the best b- schools of world like London buisness etc .
Do not waste money on any MBA….dear friend…not worth it. I have already shared the reasons…

Give all the exams this year with purpose, grit and determination. You will get into one of the best… XLRI, FMS are good…

If nothing good materializes, then Work for a couple of years. Go for CAT again after 2 years.

I worked for 4 years after double masters and then went to IIMB..

I am thrilled at the way I have transformed,  my last 30 years have been a celebration and the way I enable others too Excell in life, you have already experienced ..

Okay sir noted.
I’ll do my best in upcoming exams.





Life is a celebration. Enjoy the journey.

God bless.

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