Goal IIM Ahmedabad! You have it in you, to make it!!


If you really want to realize your dreams, your potential in life and, be successful and happy, not alone get into the best IIM, you will go through this note, and do all the tasks assigned.

I, Sreeni (www.sreeni.org), a co-founder of CL, am very excited to join you on your journey to the best of the B-schools, IIMs (ABCL KI), to facilitate you to get the best out of yourselves.

With a little over 100 days to go, I am going to run with you, to focus on the big rocks that you need to get your sights on, to make sure you have the strategy, priorities in place so that you master the small rocks and pebbles to maximize your returns.

Purpose, Passion and Perseverance are key to realize your dreams. Neeraj Chopra did demonstrate, how one can achieve an Olympic gold with a dedicated work ethics, in flat 10 years, at an young age of 23, when only a few hoped he would in Tokyo 2020 while most other just dream. I am sure you want to be the one to dorn the IIMA gold around your neck in 100 days!!

So let me get started….

A. Only when you have a clarity about your Goal for life, and then the purpose of doing whatever you are doing, you will be passionate to put in the hard yards to overcome all the hurdles, and MBA is no different. And getting into IIMA will be no difficult. So what should you immediately do. Join the knowledge channel on telegram,
https://t.me/AwakeningTheSelf . NOW.


B. I keep posting articles of great relevance to you for your CAT, XL entrances, subsequent interviews, by focussing on the big rocks. Soon there will be more facilitators with me here, to help you take care of smaller pebbles (solving your doubts)

C. I have just posted a link to an article, with an embedded video of how SAKSHI Bhalla cracked CAT in just 60 days, by focussing on the BIG ROCKS, How she made use of all the resources and tools available to you, to get into IIM Lucknow.

Who is Michael Phelps? An Olympian swimmer who has won the most number of individuals golds in the history of olympics – 23 golds and in all 28 medals in 4 olympics – 2004 – 2016. He won 8 golds in one single olympics, Beijing 2008. Interestingly, be never had won, 8 golds ever before Beijing, even in his state.

Michael Phelps : 23 golds, 28 medals, 4 Olympic games (2004-2016)

After winning 7 golds and silver in the Olympic trials in the US, in the press conference, good one year before Beijing, Phelps announced to the world that he is going to win 8 golds in the Olympics. A feat that he never achieved even at his state meet. Indeed, he outswam another legendary swimmer, Graeme Thorpe, of Australia by 1/10000 th of a second, to win his 8th gold.

Get going. Join the channel, AwakeningTheSelf, on telegram!


Go through the article that I posted this morning that Shakshi shared on how to crack CAT in 60 days! With 100 days left you can score a 100 %ile! Make notes for your action plan.

What was the secret of Phelps bagging 8 golds in Beijing2008? The secret is to announce to the world what he will achieve. That puts the responsibility, purposefulness to prove that you are capable, and you can.

I want to see your Goal, which IIM you will be in the class 2024 (2022-2024). Your action plan shared in the your telegram group after you go through the article and done your homework of creating your action plan for the next 30 days!

Create your blog with your goal and action plan as the first article, if you do not have one already. Check this blog http://www.sreeni.org, in detail to get ideas.

Then share the link of your article, in your telegram group, the way I shared this article. Use imagery to motivate yourself.

Goal IIM Ahmedabad! Let’s make it!

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