Purpose, Passion, Perseverance always pays – Uwe Honn, Neeraj’s coach!

Javelin has only flown more than 100 meters once, and the arms behind it belongs to the German athlete Uwe Honn. Until then, no one, not even in an Olympics, could break that record. But Honn was unable to compete in the Olympics, because East Germany was one of the countries that boycotted the 1984 Olympics in the United States. Later during the Friendship Games, organized by the boycotted nations, Uwe Honn participated and done a terrific 104.68 meters that caught the entire attention of the world. He hit a javelin century for the first time. You know the then Olympic gold medalist threw only 86.76 meters.

But in the year 1986, the javelin rules were amended, design changed and existing world records were erased. Thus the record of 104.68 achieved by Honn became history, but it’s still alive today and no one could break it..

August 07, 2021, is also the day Uwe Honn won his Olympic gold medal at TOKYO2020. Uwe Honn was the man who was filming the confident Neeraj Chopra on his mobile camera! Yes, the young man who did not even care to look where the javelin went, and with such determination, he waved his hands to his legendary coach..

Yes, Coach Uwe Honn reclaims the gold medal he lost at the age of 23! 37 years later through his student, Neeraj Chopra, 23!

Purpose, passion, perseverance always pays; even after 37 years!!

What a story for India and world!

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