Project Aspiration 2020 for DOE, Delhi – Numbers, Engagement, Feedback!

I did the screen recording while being the moderator, on my mobile, as the biology class that is live now. Look at the level of clarity, engagement, interactivity and students responses, and in turn teachers responses and real time acknowledgement of students. “This is powerrrrrrrrrrful” as Manish ji had said in the report and review meeting. Nothing comes close to this. Will be one of the best, if not best in the world.

Attendance, Class XII, DOE –

Here are the unique number of students who have attended synchronous (live)/ asynchronous, for every class.
The numbers in the recent classes, recent dates, will be lower, since the students who have single devices at home (only one parent has, kinds) will login and watch the recordings later, within a week, not when live happens, as and when they get time with the devices. So comparing classes across the days may not be the right way of doing unless the classes are a couple of weeks old.

Hope I am able to convey.

Date Subject View Count
04-May Physics 17019
04-May Accountancy 16219
04-May History 38671
05-May Chemistry 11629
05-May Maths 15572
05-May Business Stud 15272
05-May Geography 13381
06-May Biology 11203
06-May English 60474
06-May Economics 22993
06-May Pol. Science 40133
07-May Physics 11340
07-May Accountancy 14825
07-May History 31670
08-May Maths 17556
08-May Chemistry 5505
08-May Business Stud 9441
08-May Geography 8245
09-May English 37520
09-May Biology 4847
09-May Economics 16150
09-May Pol. Science 28686

In a week’s time 90% of the total students enrolled for every subject at the Govt Schools, and registered on, the CL portal for the project Aspiration, have watched the class, revised the chapter, taken the quizzes, done home assignments and submitted the doubts.

These should certainly share among all your friends, teachers, principals, school communities…. Kindly share all that I have shared with the whole world.

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