Aspiration 2020 for DOE, Delhi : Review & Report – salient points shared by all stakeholders

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The Project Aspiration 2020, Career Launcher’s initiative to build capacities of state education systems, early during the COVID19, is paying off in a great way. I repeatedly watched the relevant REVIEW AND REPORT episode that has been put on the YouTube channel of Govt of NCT, Delhi, on April 25th. This Review and Report is directly taken by the Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Education, Mr. Manish Sisodia

Many a times, we do not take deep cognizance of the powerful outcomes, of our actions. More so during these trying times since we are preoccupied with saving lives. I thought, putting on paper, the salient realizations expressed by the students, parents, the teachers, fellow accomplished officers in department of education and your honorable self, in that episode, will be of great value –


  1. Not only thousands are in the class, the students can watch repeatedly and revise. Never expected I can engage and interact with thousands, so productively.
  2. Great positive response from students, so interactive even though it is online
  3. With the viewpoints from an array of teachers – students are really enjoying and benefitting from the best teachers.
  4. One-and-half hour classes, we accomplish a lot of syllabus; Quizzes, important questions; Discuss even board questions.
  5. Homework and assignments given to students, through for post class practice. Doubts invited and discussed in the class.
  6. Great collaborative work between the teachers, and classes happen so smoothly even when broadband issues happen.
  7. The tabs given to the teachers, by the education department under honorable Minister, have been of immense value, in these trying times. Thank you.
  8. We are enjoying a lot, and every student is enjoying a lot. I get feedback from students of our school, our principals.
  9. Even those class XII students who have not finished with papers this year, are attending the classes, and will find helpful in the exams immediately after the lockdown opens.
  10. Covid19 has made a positive impact on education. We should continue these classes. We are loving it, teaching to thousands now instead of 40 students in the class, with students giving such responses, with quizzes and Q&A sessions.
  11. Totally new experience. Teaching culture has changed. The revolution that has come will continue forever. Had apprehensions initially – will the classes become a monologue? How will we get the feedback of children, we are used to facial expressions of the children? We have evolved quickly, as a collaborative team, we are able to engage students so well. Unimaginable.
  12. The students who never asked questions in the class, are asking questions in the chat box, without any hesitation.
  13. Many things that we wanted to show in the class, in the school, technology was a barrier. Here, in these classes, we can show films in history to make students relive, animations in biology that showcases internal working of the body, then discuss the subject. Very satisfying.
  14. The way the project was started in no time, with quick, intense training, technology platforms ready and within a week we took off. The way CL team helped; it was beyond imagination.
  15. Even a subject like accountancy is being made so interesting with a lot of animations. Students are enjoying. These CLASSES SHOULD BE CONTINUED even after COVID lockdown is removed.
  16. We are all ready to do overtime of any number of hours. We are doing a lot of work now, getting the PPT ready every day. It is no less work! 😊
  17. Teachers and students from other parts of the country are hearing so much about the work we are doing. Hope all children can get such good classes.


  1. Rani Niyaz Ansari – “Very very good experience. Studying so well. Never thought it is possible in such a lockdown when schools are closed. All teachers who are taking the online classes explain the subject so well, in simplest way, I can understand every concept. Even doubts are cleared in the chat box or we can send them to teachers. I like watching the videos again and again. Though I miss going to school, I am very proud that I am getting to learn from the top teachers. I have attended every class.”
  2. Jaikishan – “It is beyond my expectations. When I was told about the online classes, I was wondering how it is possible. Now so many students attending classes. 40 thousand in English”
  3. Lokesh Jha – “Online classes have been a great relief. The classes have become more interesting with graphics and animations. Quizzes galore. All of us wait for our names to be taken by the teachers when we answer the question. It is helping our concentration. We are greatly focused.”
  4. Sanchit – This initiative is a big success. Every friend of mine is praising. A great compensation for the school being missed. I WOULD LIKE THESE CLASSES TO CONTINUE EVEN AFTER THE SCHOOLS START.


  1. Heartfelt gratitude for starting such a program. The best teachers coming home to teach every child. Teachers are so good.

Minister of Education and Officers:

  1. Have we even dreamt a month ago that 3-4 teachers can engage so many thousands of students, so effectively?
  2. I was very conscious, that in our society the acceptance of technology in education has been very poor, both from teachers’ and students’ point of view. I am so happy listening to your feedbacks. Perhaps, in a couple of years, we may end up at the other end of the technology, asking ourselves, “Why have been spending so much money on the buildings and infrastructure, a year ago. Every teacher attending to 40 students in those classes. Today you are teaching a thousand students”
  3. “YES, Future is in Technology. We will create this future.”
  4. Have you ever thought, you will teach 44,000 students at one go, Nandini? So much you get to learn even in the toughest of the times.

——————————————- with students

  1. So, you have got a good replacement for schools in these online classes!
  2. We are doing our best to reduce the damage, as much as we can with these classes.

—————————————— closing remarks

  1. All the teachers are in Demand. You all are doing so well.
  2. I am proud of my teachers. Proud of my team.
  3. Students would have bore severe brunt of the schools closing. These classes have made such a huge difference.

Every statement here is an endorsement of the way CLEF (AP) has gone about conceptualizing, planning, and delivering the project, giving every kind of support, to reach every child in the class 12 of schools of Govt. of NCT, Delhi.

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