Ten LEADERSHIP reinforcements for my journey of life, from “Sirf #AAP” Elections of Delhi, 2015

Let us realize our potential and help others to realize!
Let us realize our potential and help every one around us to realize theirs! – graphic, courtesy world wide web!

The compelling verdict that the world is witnessing today in the Delhi elections, wherein @Arvindkejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party trounced, the ‘perceived to be invincible’ @narendramodi and #BJP, made me relive the last 18 months – from the run up to last Delhi elections, the coronation of @narendramodi, the Loksabha elections, the last nine months of Modi as PM of India, this Delhi elections and now the results.

I introspected at the intentions, the behaviour, the compulsions, the actions and the outcomes, and thought of the fundamental tenets that are integral to my own journey, and of course for any leadership. I thought of reminding myself, and reinforcing these values that are very dear to me –

  1. Every human being is special and has unique strengths. I will continue to be a good observer, learner and incorporate every good behavour and practice in my journey. Being a good human being is of utmost importance.
  2. I will always talk positive, infuse energy, contribute to and facilitate each and every person around me. I will talk to the concerned person, directly and share my thoughts and feelings, rather than sharing with someone else.
  3. I will convert the positive energy in every individual to create a compelling force for growth and prosperity of communities and nation.
  4. I will focus on developmental agenda to enable – myself, my family, my team, my community, my nation – to excel. Will create the agenda with active participation of every member thus involved.
  5. I will be constructive on challenges that everyone around is facing and make sure that we all together work in overcoming them.
  6. I will respect every faith and every community; we together will create a nation and a world of immense possibilities, immense value for generations to come.
  7. I will work towards identifying leadership potential from within the organization; support, empower and enable the concerned to realize that potential.
  8. My endeavour will always be to empower the team, to keep the morale high to conquer the impossible!
  9. I will always encourage and promote criticism; each and every critique is a pointer for me to introspect and become a better human being.
  10. I will remain humble, whatever I achieve. I will constantly strive to be better. I have so much more within me to realize – the potential is infinite.

Looking forward to an exciting journey ahead, of realizing that infinite potential within and that of the nation! Jai Hind!


  1. Hi Srini, this is Smita Sahay. We met recently at the Navaratri function at SPV. The reason I am contacting you here is that I seem to have lost your (and Indira’s) numbers. I would love to reconnect again with you both. Could you please mail me at smitasahayconsultant@gmail.com? I would really appreciate that, thanks. Regards


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