Listening to Passionate and Eloquent Prof SM Sajid, VC Jamia Millia inaugurating commerce fest

I was invited as a guest of honour on the occasion of the Commerce Fest inauguration at Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University) in Delhi. Other panelists were Prof SM Sajid, the Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia and Mr. Rajan Sharma, VP Luxor writing instruments. While I was sitting in the Audi with other dignitaries and interacting, Prof Altaf Khan, HOD of commerce department, came to me and said, we may have to have you start your motivational session immediately to keep the students flock together while other dignitaries are arriving. Sounded like the piped piper. Prof Khan had heard me doing a similar act a few months ago!

I loved the commencement of the session with recitation of Holy Quran, by a youngster… I am very fortunate to have been born in India with its diversity! I was filled with pride!

Then I had my usual impactful session, of about 15 minutes… then I enjoyed listening to Prof S M Sajid and Mr Rajan Sharma. I thought I will share the learning from their session.

Co-Panelists Prof Sajid, VC, JMI and Mr Rajan Sharma, VP Luxor along with faculty

Prof S M Sajid, The Vice-chancellor, Jamia Millia Islamia

– Outstanding Academician with over thirty years of contribution to Academics
– have been the Registrar of the university ; advisor for higher learning; ASI

Dear young friends,

– I share the joys and hope with you, on this occasion
– education institution needs to go beyond the class
– we need to be eager to learn, be open, think out of the box
– critical understanding of what we read is a must
– gain life skills – listening, communication, empathy and being a team member
– individual brilliance cannot make a world class team; Tendulkar alone, however good he may be, cannot deliver a victory

– Take pride in our institution; We are heading towards our 100 years, will commemorate in 2020
– Zakir Hussain saheb and Mujib Saheb were VCs for the first 48 years, the longest by any chancellors, and they created the Vision and values that we live by.
– The resources were raised from the community, when govt could not support
– this university has been different and continues to be, thanks to our VCs who have strived to keep the distinction
– despite all the expansion, Higher education is still subsidized. We are able to afford the education
– where does this money come from? direct and indirect taxes generate revenues to fund us..even the rickshaw-puller pays for our education through the excise duty he pays.. We owe to each one of them

– we are becoming too obsessed with our own self – I, me, mine; We do not pay attention to our fellow beings.

– concern for others is at the core of Jamia. We educate a large number of first generation learners who come from underprivileged families. Many come here with dreams in their eyes. They will be mothers and daughters for sure, but will also stand on their feet, support themselves and their families. The generation is going to raise above the challenges and go beyond. The univ’s responsibility is to make it happen. We continue to foster justice, equity, equality, equanimity going into our 100th year

Success is about we doing things whole- heatedly. That is the essence of life.

Rajan sharma, VP Luxor

– we did not have the opportunities then, you have it now
– work honestly, sincerely, gain maturity and strive to excell
– give back as much as you can to the society and contribute to the nation building

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