Pleasure as always, facilitating bright youngsters…..what about education system?

It has always been a pleasure facilitating youngsters to think of their future and what they can really achieve. Last week was in Varanasi, to facilitate a bunch of fifteen hardworking youth who have got calls this year from prestigious Indian Institutes of Management; each one graduating from one of the best institutes in Easter UP. A handful from IITs too.

Bright youngsters with calls from IIMs, at Varanasi PDP Boot Camp

Our education system does not really help an individual to dwell deep into oneself, to discover what one wants to be! Each one of us has infinite potential and the real journey of life is to realize this potential. The first 23 years of life has been frittered away, practically. These workshops that I anchor, push the youth to introspect and plan for their career and life. In a small way we are trying to inculcate that purposefulness among the children in our schools, Indus World School, and also help parents to facilitate.

I am at a panel discussion at a conference – ICT in education 2014 – “Education in India Merits Change”
21st February 2014, Hotel The Park, New Delhi – along with a few thought leaders in education, hope to raise a few questions for the education leaders at the conference to introspect.

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