Wishing you all a very enlightening and fruitful year ahead – Calendars 2014

Delighted to bring my annual calendar, SPANDAN, a tribute to excellence of Indian Dance forms and their exponents. In a couple of days, I will upload the entire digital calendar so that you download and use it as wall paper or screen saver on your computer.

Wishing you all a fruitful year ahead – SPANDAN Calendar, tribute to Indian Dance Forms

Also contributed to the cover of the 2014 calendar of a social outfit, AID (Association for India’s Development) – Natya 2014, that focuses on the folk dances of India. You can download the calendar from the AIDs website.

Wishing you all a fruitful year ahead – AID Calendar, tribute to Indian folk dance Forms

Have a great journey in 2014,

Love and regards,



  1. Dear Srini, Wishing you and everyone in your family and also at CL all the best for 2014.will look forward for the digital calendar . After almost 14 years of doing PDP at CL , I am not doing this year ” ((for some reasons))”


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