Endeavour and not Entitlement that can help each one of us excel…..lessons from Sachin’s journey!

This article has come about, as I adapted and added my own thoughts from Satya speaks at the Annual Business Conference 2013 of CL Educate at Jodhpur, for my own self. While going through the notes, I thought of blogging, as I felt, it may be of value to every individual who wishes to push and excel….


Sachin takes his final bowl!
Sachin takes his final bowl!

In the last couple of months, there has been no day without every Indian talking about this gentleman (Sachin Tendulkar)

  • Teacher father, home making mother
  • Steeped in middle-class, low on money
  • Ambitious yet humble upbringing – brothers and sisters all dreamt of helping this young passionate lad to excel
  • A Self-made man

While BCCI was a beast, corrupt for all the players……

  • Everyone, including his outstanding colleagues who have played for 165 tests fall over one another to be with him. Humility and modesty is his middle name. Does not look put on. Touching the ground at the end of his last test is just symbolic of what he has been.
  • Stories of John wright almost slapping Sehwag. Sourav Ganguly pushing Joh Wright to apologize have been around. But, Sachin made sure John wright is respected, worked behind the doors to make it happen…
  • Never we had such a congenial atmosphere in the room

What are the lessons we can take from the journey of this humble soul…

Dreams are there, aspirations are there… we continue to be a humble family that can make a big difference to every child. Can we afford to give up? Longevity is an outcome of what we do with every child.

–        We have 24X7 to help every child excel. If you really look at it, sports are unforgiving… a couple of balls is good enough to end your career. We have so much of luxury…. We need to be honest and purposeful, that is it..

–        The greater the number of games you play greater you realize the significance of the journey. We need to be humble. We earn respect from whatever we have done or do….

–        Competition is not with anyone else. It is with my own self, to help the child who walks into my room to excel in career and life

–        Respect every player, including your opponent. The opponents will respect for what we do.

Sachin, is the second citizen after Gandhi who has given a template to the world, for others to follow….. We need to ask ourselves what others will show if they make a movie on us…

Many things are worth going back to, from time to time… Go back to your basics… nets, fielding,…

Let us revisit ourselves, our thoughts, our approach to life, our way of doing things… Let us introspect..let us see ourselves in the mirror

–        We are grateful that we are here

–        We need to scrutinize ourselves every moment

–        All of us together can and will make a huge difference; depends on what we think and do

The world will change –

–        Zomato – 1000 crore valuation recently

–        India will overtake the US soon; where will the investors put money? Everyone is looking at those who endeavour, to back them…

We have to be driving the change. We need to push ourselves to change. Demand from ourselves what more we can do and should do…

–        Push yourselves; make the choices, too many opportunities lying in front of each one of us….

–        How can you sit on your chair, if business is not bringing in the walk-ins….

–        We cannot gloat on the past laurels

–        ‘Endeavour’ to be brought back, get out of the ‘entitlement’ mode.

  • Showing up and giving 100% did not help even the ‘god of cricket’, Sachin. Average is 34 in the last 3 years.

–        Get out of the disease of Comfort Zone.

–        The purpose has to be beyond. We cannot have the mindset of me, mine, myself…

Looking at the education space, It depends on me, what, how and where I will deliver every lecture. Class sizes, seminars, government jobs, tuitions……should it be just a physical space or virtual space, how many can we address at one go effectively, how do we enable each one excel …

A thought struck me..How about writing a letter in the past tense, looking back, dated January 01, 2015, of what I did in the last 12 months. A great way to chart out my next 12 months indeed…

I shall do….and I remain..




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