Discover yourself – It is all about your inner journey. Excel and help others to ..

Glad that one of my journeys that I will continue till my last breath has been yielding the results that is of value to others.

One of the things I have been pursuing passionately is photography, along with various other passions. I love performing and fine arts and as a contribution towards keeping this alive and inspire many more, I do serious documentation of these, including visual through photography. You can visit to enjoy this journey of mine.

For the movement of SPIC MACAY (Society for Promotion of Classical music and Culture Among Youth) an initiative by inspiring mentor Dr. Kiran Seth, another inspiring volunteer guru Ms Rupi Mahindroo from Dehradun got a few students to create this video. I am glad that many of the photographs that I captured of life on stage, of eminent artists, of enthusiastic rasiks including children are found strung meaningfully to create this video, like pearls in an ornament adorning the beautiful movement of SPIC MACAY.

Get inspired, Get into Action… Help others get inspired.


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