Demo(of bhai-baba-Anna)cracy

Demo(of bhai-baba-Anna)Cracy by Vasu..
Demo(of bhai-baba-Anna)Cracy, a photo by Vasu.. on Flickr.

I am really surprised at government doing calisthenics to the tunes of a Baba, and kowtowing to so called ‘Civil society’ movers. What on earth has made the government send four of their top cabinet ministers to the airport to receive a Baba, which not a single state-head of any country has thus been accorded.

Have the Central-Asian and African movements that have destabilized or brought down the governments, really sent this UPA government into panic? Do not we have belief in our democratic system, that has withstood the turmoils. We really need not worry about any individual, whether a Baba, Bhai or Anna. They may have a few followers who may wag their tails at the drop of the coin. We need to understand that the majority of the followers follow only for the purpose or philosophy they embraced and they will not swagger, if the guru deviates from the philosophy he or she espoused thus far. All this backward bending to appease, plants doubts among people that the government is not confident about the way it is going about governing.

If Manmohan and his able cabinet colleagues lack confidence in themselves, then better they put in their papers? If they really want to show that they mean business, then they need to act. Government should focus on its efficient and effective functioning. A government’s action has to be governed by a definitive plan and that plan should be made clear to the people. It should not come under any pressure from any quarters.

Governing a nation is not about showing five Asanas and giving a few upadeshas. Let the government be serious about what it intends to do and how, demonstrate that it means business, provide effective governance, and act to get rid of the ills affecting the society and the nation.

People will balance all ‘powers’ and give befitting reply. Let us believe in our Democracy. Let us provide good governance.

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