Mesmerizing Spelling Beeeeeeeeeesss – “I can’t express my feelings in words” !!

I see each to be more than a hardworking and exploring Bee. One after another, each walked on to the center, eagerly waiting for the master to ask him or her to spell out a pronounced word. With a quizzical expression on their face, they went on to question the master – can you pronounce the word please, can you use it in a sentence please, is there a different pronunciation please, what is the root of the origin of this word please, can you once again pronounce it please…… This cycle goes on for a couple of more times while each Bee explores, imagines and writes the spelling on hand and visualizes… and goes on to ask whether it has its root in such and such language, which means such and such…. finally conjures the word. Honestly speaking, most of the words being asked, are complete strangers to me…clairsentience, foggara, zoanthropy , rupicolous, keeshond, issei…

Finally Sukanya Roy won by spelling out two words consecutively, ‘periscii’ and ‘cymotrichous’…

After awarding the trophy –

Presenter – How do you feel winning the competition?
Sukanya – I can’t put my feelings in words!!
Presenter – You have been spelling words through the night, you can’t spell your feeling in words!!

Final moments of the championship –

Her interview on the FOX NEWS; The interview could have been made more interesting by the interviewer if only he had asked about the languages she got insights about, what went into the preparation….

In the nationals, Sukanya was running along with 275 winners from regional rounds, of which 41 advanced to semifinal round. They had to score well in three rounds a written test, and two rounds of spelling on stage yesterday.

I came across an interesting blog started by parents of 2009 winner Kavya, to help other aspirants. Kavya’s parents blog

Kavya’s parents say that, six years of hard-work paid off. Hats off to these young contestants who have strived for this day with single-minded purposefulness.

I wonder – isn’t it too early to push a child into such a journey!! Are we, parents, trying to realize our aspirations through children by putting them into such a taxing grind.

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