7 types of rest you need to rejuvenate yourself – Dr Saundra Dalton

If you’re feeling burnt out….Sleep won’t fix it. There are seven types of rejuvenating rests you may wish to take –   findings are by Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith, a physician, researcher, author and speaker. It really resonated with me, hence this article.

I realized while reading her work that, sub-consciously, over the years, I have managed to inculcate within me, certain habits and passions, that have even lead me to create energizing spaces at home and surroundings to keep myself rejuvenated.

The 7 types of rejuvenation rest you need are –
– Mental,
– Physical,
– Spiritual,
– Social
– Emotional
– Sensory
– Creativity

Let’s look at how to rejuvenate oneself on each of these dimensions…


Overtaxing your mind leads to a shortfall in mental rest. So how do you rejuvenate your mind?

• Meditate
• List your to-dos
• Take a break from problem-solving
• Make a shutdown routine to keep work and life separate


Your body loses energy from a lack of sleep and/or overtraining. Incorporate both passive and active forms of physical rest, to rejuvenate your body.


• Sleep 7/8 hours a night
• Take short naps. The power naps of 10-15min a couple of times in a day, can really pump more energies.


• Stretching, wherever you are, at work or elsewhere can be of help. I do take a quick walk within my office too!!
• Have a massage, once in a while.
• Even playing a game or sport that is physically exhausting, yet relaxing to your mind and body, will be a great choice.

• Use a desk to read, study or work, and an ergonomic chair to make your body comfortable.


Embrace something greater than yourself. When you are purposeful, to facilitate and impact things that are of immense value to public good, to humanity, you get immense spiritual satisfaction. So, occasionally,

• Volunteer
• Engage in faith-based pursuits
• Work in a career that’s purpose-driven, and impacts society at large.


Analyze your relationships. Figure out your energizers, and make sure you invest time with those…

• Schedule alone time
• Spend more time with those who energize you.
• Spend less time with those who drain your energy.


Emotional rest deficiency sets in when you don’t feel like you can be real. Especially all those in professions where you are to roleplay in order to be effective,

Example: People who work in sectors that deal with public – retail, police, business development, sales etc, where you are expected to smile and behave despite rude customers. It can be taxing and at times toxic.

Spend more time with people you can be authentic with, to be sane and sound. Being open with family members and relaxing with them, can really unwind and makes us feel good. Make sure you keep time for such, every day.


The average person is overstimulated due to the kind of engagement we indulge in with various visual and electronic media that we all are exposed to. Only way to rejuvenate is to move away from such exposures, as much as possible.

• Limit video meetings,
• Turn off notifications (audio and visual alerts),
• Take a vacation from social media,
• Create a calm environment for the evening (soothing music, candles, etc.)


Appreciate beauty in any form, whether natural or human-made:


• Take in a sunrise or sunset. Why not go for a walk in nature. I usually walk for 10-12 kms every morning before sunrise, and wind up the walk with a meditation in a park, listening to the chirping of the birds, relishing the vast expanse of colors – flowering – around you.


• Visit a museum or art festival
• Engage with inspiring music, books, documentaries, etc.

I make it a point to set aside 2-3 evenings every week to either be at performance of classical dance or music, or a visit to a visual art gallery.

I have also made it a point to create a few spaces, I call them studios, for myself and a family, to indulge in a variety of rejuvenation pursuits, that relaxes me. Here is a peep into one of my studios….that encompasses performing arts – music, dance, theatre; Photography, Film viewing; Exhibition space of my work, apart from my work-from-home desk.

One of my Rejuvenation Studio 🙂

Most of the top business leaders or successful people, do incorporate such routines in their weekly life, actively indulging in one or the other rejuvenating planes, to maintain their work-life balance, especially in the ever-stress inducing daily life.

To make anything happen, you need 3 Ds – Drive, Discipline and Dedication! Best wishes to you too!

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