Travel: Delhi – Udaipur – Jaipur : Maximizing your time and investment!!

Here is an interaction on whatsapp with a friend of 33 years, a fellow MTech student at JNU in 1989, Gurjeet, who was sharing about his visit to India.

Gurjeet:Hello friends,
I’m coming to India and looking for opportunities to meet you. I’m reaching Delhi on 28th Nov morning.
28-30 Delhi, 30-2 Udaipur, 3-4 Jaipur, couple of days sightseeing in Rajasthan and then in Indore. Leaving on 10th from Delhi.

Please let me know if you’re available around those days, in the area to meet. Looking forward to meeting with you ❣️

[16/10, 10:26 PM] Welcome home 🙏 If you travel by car from Udaipur to Jaipur,, then you can cover a lot in Rajasthan, kumbhalgarh, Chttor, Bikaner, Ajmer…all are in that sector..

Thanks!! I didn’t know that. Our plan is to go by car to Jaipur but have very limited time in between. Attending marriages, one in Udaipur and next in Jaipur.

[17/10, 6:21 AM] I could make out from your schedule that, not much thought has been given as it looked like events driven, and you have set aside couple of days for sight seeing…

Think through and integrate… A little agey peechey, a day before, a day after…and a few hours in between….you will maximize…

1. Chittorgarh fort, a living fort, spectacular…should cover enroute to Udaipur

2. Udaipur is a great city of lakes to walk around, forts etc

3. D’ is Kumbhalgarh (great wall of India 😀), a good fort…very close to Udaipur…should cover on the way back from Udaipur to Jaipur. Also Ajmer Sharif, is on the way, just before Jaipur.

All these can be done by adding a couple of hours enroute…

Keep an extra day at Jaipur to visit Amer fort and colours of Jaipur… In the above map I added Jodhpur too, but it will need a couple of days… but others you must…

I am sharing in albums of my clicks from all of these places that I have shot over a few years of travels

Album of Chittorgarh from the Flickr

Album of Udaipur from the Flickr

Album of Kumbhalgarh from the Flickr

Have added a couple of more amazing places…

Nathdwara (Srinathjintemple)!and Ranakpur(Jain temples) along with Kumbhalgarh, all are on the way from Udaipur to Jaipur…very close to each other….spectacular…. chakachaundh

Album of Ranakpur from the Flickr
Album of Ajmer Sharif from the Flickr

If you leave early in the morning from Udaipur, you can reach Jaipur by late evening….covering..

– Nathdwara
– Kumbhalgarh
– Ranakpur
– Ajmer

You will not forget for your life time….. matchless

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