The New Sycophant – Ninad Vengurlekar

The BJP Bhakt is more dangerous than the BJP itself. He uses the BJP to channelise his hate, insecurities, and biases against the minorities, political parties and all those who he disagrees with. In BJP he has found a voice which he had lost for 700 years.

He hates Muslims, he hates Christians, he hates Sikhs, he hates liberals, and sickulars, he hates Congress, he hates SP, BSP,CPIM and every other party leader. He hates Arvind Kejriwal. He hates NDTV and India Today. He hates Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav

Abhishek with milk….courtesy google

He doubts the intentions of every good man in the country based on his religion. He believes Aamir Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, Javed Akhtar, Shahrukh Khan are traitors. When Aamir’s wife wanted to migrate, he made it a national issue. But when he learns that Akshay Kumar has silently migrated 7 years ago, he justifies his actions. 

He cannot laugh at jokes made on Modi. He will call the CM of Delhi as Khujliwal or Rahul Gandhi as Pappu, but he can’t tolerate Kunal Kamra joking on Modi. All jokes have to stop when it comes to Narendra Modi.

He is educated, but flushes down his brain cells when it comes to sharing fake news against those he dislikes. He does not care that it is fake. He wants to share it nevertheless. The more fake news he shares, the better he sleeps at night.

In 2014, he believed that the Hindus were under threat. So he voted for Modi. Five years, 22 states and 300+ seats later, he still believes that Hindus are under threat. When asked what is he scared of, he will point fingers at the suicide attacks in Sri Lanka. When told that there has not been a single suicide attack in India (except Kashmir) in the past five years, he will change the topic.

He is a Master of Whataboutery. For everything that BJP does which goes against his values, he positions his arguments with a long list of Whatabouteries.

This is his typical formula:

Muslims did this for 700 years + Nehru did that in 1955 + Congress did this in 1982 = BJP is Right.

BJP is always right.

He is a bundle of contradictions. He promotes Demonetisation as the need of the hour, but does not mind dealing in cash himself. He pays bribes to traffic cops and donations for school and college admissions. He sits for long hours with his CA to see where he can trick the IT department on taxes. He even pees on the roadside without waiting for a Swacch Bharat toilet. And he has the audacity to write Chowkidar before his name.

He wants a Bullet Train in which he cannot afford to travel. He wants the world’s tallest statue of a Congressman called Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel because Modi decided so. He will even justify the statue of Ram in UP, but he will not ask Modi why he couldn’t build a single statue of Veer Savarkar in the past 5 years.

He loves the national flag and the national anthem. But he cannot sing it when asked. He wants Muslims to say Vande Mataram, but he does not understand a word of it himself.

He is a Hindu who has not read the Upanishad. His understanding of Hinduism is through WhatsApp messages. He thinks God exists in the heaven and therefore Ram Mandir is necessary, and Sabarimala will curse Kerala for letting women in.

His icons are those who support Narendra Modi. In Bollywood, his yardstick is not acting but political views of the actors and directors. So Vivek Agnihotri is a rockstar. He supports Akshay Kumar winning a national award for Rustom over Aamir in Dangal and Manoj Bajpayee in Aligarh. He trashes a movie like Grand Masti for going against Indian values, but Vivek Oberoi becomes his new icon because he is playing Narendra Modi in his biopic.

The BJP Bhakt is a follower at heart. He belongs to the industrial era. He uses the internet, but does not agree with the foundations of the internet economy. He loves discipline, orders and compliance. He wants to be lead. He does not like questions about his political icons. But he loves questioning everyone he detests.

He does not like to debate. He knows his icons are wrong. But he keeps justifying their wrongs. When he is unable to win a debate, he uses foul language. He gets personal. He calls names.

He refuses to speak against crimes committed by radical Hindus in the name of religion. He is happy to see innocent Muslims in India pay for the sins of ISIS across the world. He will never thank them for the grace they have shown despite being repeatedly reviled in the past 5 years.

He is more communal than the BJP. He is more dangerous than the BJP. He thinks he is in the majority because BJP has 300+ seats in the Parliament. He doesn’t care of the constitutional values. He is a Frankenstein created by the BJP. His hate will override BJP’s development agenda. I hope it happens soon than later, so that Narendra Modi can focus on what he has been voted for in the first place.

Look at this joker squirting milk on “Modiji”. In the past 5 years, BJP has made me realise that there are millions like him in my country. In an internet economy, this is a telling image that represents India of the 21st century.

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