National Program of Talks : Withering Smiles

This is the broadcasted version of the national programme of Talks – withering smiles : Impact of Pandemic on children, who have been deprived of schools; How to facilitate – Road Ahead.

03/05/2022. Topic: ‘Withering Smiles.’-Discussion.


Children are under tremendous stress due to parental aspirations and peer pressure to perform better in examinations, secure admission in the college of their choice or be successful in competitive examinations. During the Covid pandemic our children were under severe duress in the stressful and claustrophobic atmosphere that prevailed at home. The absence of teachers in person and classmates striving together in a live class were replaced by online teaching that curtailed the human touch. The discussion examined the toll this stress has taken on children and propose remedial measures.

The  discussion was recorded on Monday 02.05.2022 at Broadcasting House Parliament Street. 

It has always been a pleasure participating in the national programme of talks, anchored by Mr. Naveen k. Gupta, Producer, National programme Of  Talks (English), and also that of MannKiBaat, at AIR Delhi.

The broadcast was slated for Tuesday, 03.05.2022  at  9.30 pm on National Network as an all India Broadcast & Prasar Bharati’s Official YouTube Channel.  


1. Ms.Sapna Bhatia, former Dean(Extra-Curricular activities), Modern School & Education consultant .

2.  Mimansa Singh Tanwar, noted Clinical psychologist.

3.  R. Sreenivasan, Co-founder & CCO of one of Asia’s leading Education Service Provider – CL Educate Ltd (formerly, Career Launcher)   

4.  Anandiya Chakravarty, Media Personality (Moderator)

[Just for those interested, the recording was of about 45+ min, that got edited to 30min, as is the need of the “national program of talks”]

Looking forward to hearing from you, once you go through the discussion. Kindly leave a comment under this article.

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