Companies creating wealth – Economic growth catalysts: A must watch for every B-School grad as much as an investor! By Saurabh Mukherjea, Marcellus

My morning walks are infusers of energy as I read, watch to learn or write about something that has made a difference to me, all, while walking…..of course classic musicians add to the energies to as I listen to them all along…

So here is one for you….

Must watch for all B-School aspirants and B-School grads, and not just limited to those interested in investing to compound their wealth, to understand the critical ingredients for dramatic compounding growth of highly efficiently managed companies, and how a few are squeezing every penny of theirs to make astounding flow of free cash to fuel their growth further.

– What all you must pay attention to as a B-School aspirant or a B-school grad.
– What all you need to research to gain further knowledge
– Check which companies in the top 20 growing companies are in your sector or industry of interest. Read about them to gain deeper insights to further strengthen your purpose and vision of life, as much as make any interaction more engaging, including interviews.
– Those who are passionate about being in the business and management world, study each of those 20 companies to understand the business dynamics and invest too.

This video has the power to enable you to understand how businesses flourish and can charge you to ace every interview, for those who have short term view of life, but can charge you for life, the way every morning reading or watching charges me to charge many more in life. Keep celebrating Life.

God bless.

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