Energizing with walks and fitness routines..The year that was!

The year that was, 2021! Walked 4000+ kms (12-15kms almost every morning), that’s equivalent to walking to Bangalore from Delhi and back!

Google Fit monitors!!

That’s the most productive 2 hours of my every day…

While I am walking, not only am I infusing energies into my body…

A. I listen to the stalwarts of Indian classical music, both Hindustani and Carnatic, rejuvenating my soul.

B. Almost all articles that I have written on my website is done during the walks..

C. I engaged with a few thousands of students, youth and mentees, facilitating them strengthen their mind,  career, life, relationships….

Which in turn has been facilitating me realize my infinite potential….

Glad I have been doing this walking fitness routine, consistently for the last 4 years and COVID made it all the more important….swimming and cycling have gone out of the window….thanks to COVID, all the more swimming….

#fitness #stamina #walking #walk #health #healthybodyhealthymind #energizingmornings…. #fitIndia #kheloindia

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