I am expecting an Interview call, what all to do?


It is very important to understand self first – what is your purpose of life, why do you exist, create a vision say vision 2050, 2030, 2025 based on your purpose….

Once you have clarity of purpose then naturally you will pick the arenas that you wish to dance on or play in…… Industry, sectors of economy…..the possible world opportunities..

Also, you will get clarity about what all capabilities or talents of yours, you can take advantage of, monetize….

I have written quite a few articles on these, kindly go through them…a few here..

Finding purpose of life…

How to build my profile

Who am I, what more am I

Exercise : why not do this exercise – when I am 80 – imagine you are an 80 year old and you are looking at your life and writing a note to yourself…. on YOU and Your accomplishments, impact on family, society, humanity….

Once you do this exercise, I would like to see your realizations and learnings as comments under this Article…


While you did the exercise “At 80”, you certainly need to do another exercise, “The Journey thus far”. You need to know everything you touched, you liked, you lived in, your family – places you lived in, parents and their journey, siblings and their journey…your explorations, experiences…..everything you have done so far in life….as detailed as you can….

Be informed….

While you are taking that internal journey to discover the glitter within…..

Kindly start investing in understanding the external world by reading current affairs..

A. At least 2 news papers –

1. The Hindu or Indian express, read for sure
i. Editorials
ii. The features
iii. Opinion pages
iv. Business and economy page
v. Any other news of great significance

B. A business paper like Economic Times, Business Standard – end to end.


Anything you read…

A. Create a file, say of 500 pages of A4 sheet bundle

B. Classify the pages based on issues, say 10-15 pages for every issue…

Say, (just indicative list)


Indian Economy and it’s vagaries
Industrial policies/ implementation
Agricultural Policies and dev
Technology breakthroughs
Impact of technology
Businesses and Industries in News
Business leaders in News
RBI and Monetary Policy updates

Industry updates of my purpose, vision and passion

Sports of my interest

Indian Polity, Happenings
parliament and legislatures
Amendments to constitution etc, how they impact…
Specific issues of great relevance that have been grabbing headlines for long…like

Farm policies and agitation – challenges
DEMONetization and it’s affects on economy
Educating India
Skill Education, why important

Corruption and polity – UPA/NDA/BJP
MNREGA and it’s impact
National Education policy, NCF

……. myriad policies of this govt and their real impact, implimentational issues …

Aadhaar and issues

Jandhan Yojana / JAM
Make in India
Stand up India
Shut up India…



And it helps to read magazines like

The Economist, News Week, Time etc to get international, geo-political insights and world perspective of current issues

US and the world
CHINA and world
INDIA and world
US and India
China and India
Pakistan and India
US and Iran
BRICS, G7, Common wealth
US, INDIA, Australia, Japan
INDIA, relationship with neighbours
World Economic Developments
World Political blunders…


The list can be unending…..

Make sure you pick a few magazines like FRONTLINE, YOJANA, EPW, CARAVAN, WORLD FOCUS, DOWN TO EARTH…..

And read them backwards, starting with the current issue, to at least till DEMONETIZATION….

These magazines dwell into every major issue to analyze and discuss thread-bare the pros and cons of policies and developments….

Make notes from every reading and classify them as indicated ….

Hope this is of value to you…..like this article and share your views in the comment.

Can it be of value to others too? why not share it with all your dear friends.. Do some good…

Wishing the very best, enjoy the journey of transformation….

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