I have just started preparing for CAT. When should I start taking Mocks….

I have just started preparing for CAT just now. Can you suggest me when I have to start taking CAT mocks?


Right away ….


Sir, I am really sorry to ask this. I don’t get it. If I am weak in basics and concepts, anyway wouldn’t that would be a waste of time?

Can you please say what would be my realisation in taking mocks now?


Do not you worry …..about scores or results..focus on the process…

Even without prep you will be able to score well, if you just follow simple rules of taking Mocks… in every section….overall…

You will realize, without prep too you have been able to score well…..that builds on confidence to make you work harder..

Rules / Process of taking CAT

VARC is all about reading and answering. You do not have to take anything along…Be as fast as you can…do not regress…Try to complete all questions here ….

DILR is all about picking 2 sets of the 5-6 sets given that you can solve….and are puzzles of different kinds…just enjoy doing them…

QUANT is all about 7-10 class…. Enough questions that even an English honors student or a Doctor can solve…Here, reach the end of the section…in 30min, solving only those that you can without putting pencil on paper…you will realize, you can solve 12-15 easily…. Do a few more, next set of easier ones ..

You will be able to easily…You will be pleasently surprised…

Dare to challenge….


I get it. I will do it

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