Bell the CAT : Approach to DILR, Quant and overall

I had written about the importance of VARC and how one can crack CAT by attempting all questions of VARC and score a 99+%ile…kindly check VARC key to CAT

One can maximize ones scores in DILR and Quant sections too, but unlike VARC, I do not think anyone will be able to solve all the questions of these sections. How to be disciplined and slowly gain the most in these…

Big Hairy Audacious Goals. (graphic courtesy WEB)


– DILR is fun and struggle, simultaneously…

– Unlike VARC and QUANT, in LRDI, if you get two sets right and answer all correctly, you are a 95%iler, if you get three of them right 99%iler.

– But, you need to be comfortable with all variety of puzzle sets. There are about 30-40 varieties

– should get comfortable with ways to create your pictorial or notational representation for every type of set, that helps you quickly solve questions. You need to gain mastery in this translation into your own language of representing the question; That will fill the gaps in information, to answer you quick and accurate.

– the more you practice, greater will be your felicity to create your own linguistic / notational representation; you should at least do 20+ sets of every kind to get hold on that particular type

Practice, Practice ….do good analysis…

See the way questions are solved that you could not…. understand how to represent the data given…

Solve by yourself again a few times. Find similar type of sets and solve

Slowly you will start improving….

Even in Mocks invest 5-10 minutes in choosing the 2-3 sets you are going to solve and in which order…. You should practice and target to get these 3 sets in 30 minutes…. anything more than this will be an added bonus…

Also, in difficult set there will be easy questions, and in easy sets there will be difficult questions. You should know what to leave and what to answer. Do not ever feel guilty of leaving any, nor be egoistic to challenge the question …


– Need to be good at Arithmetic, Algebra; Arithmetic and Algebra together contribute to 60-70% of the questions..

– There are enough questions there that even an English honors grad or a doctor too can solve

– So, in the first 20 min should reach the end of the section, solving only those questions that you can, without putting pencil on paper. You would solve 10-12 at least questions by then

  • While doing this round, categorize the questions you leave in the first round into buckets of SECOND, THIRD and HOME rounds, based on your comfort of the topic, length of computations or the size of the questions.

– You have read a question only when you have looked at the choices too, along with the question. It is true of every section, quant especially

– Questions may look complex, but for those who understand the concepts well, answers will be obvious..

  • Have you learnt tables 30×30?
  • Do you know reciprocals and percentages up to 30
  • squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots up to 30
  • You have been told in the first chapter of the fundabook, and you are lazy to not to do so far!!
  • All numbers in a given problem are inter-related with the above three basic computational abilities; You should be able to see through them; if you do, then you will crack questions.
  • The four choices given, helps to arrive at your answer. quickly and accurately if all the above are in place.

– skip questions if you cannot solve mentally, in the first round

– Then come back, to touch questions from your areas of comfort in the buckets SECOND, THIRD rounds, that you have categorized. Try solving quickly…

– Do as many as you can..

– you can easily solve, 20-25 of the 32, or 20-21 of the 26, with at least 80% accuracy, even if you had no math in class XI and XII. You will end up with at 98-99%ile

– Here too, there is no place for EGO or Guilt….keep moving


Apply all the rules discussed here in practise …

No short cuts…

Be stead fast…

Be serious….

Take Mocks regularly…do not delay..

Do not violate timelines, for every section…

After the mock, do thorough analysis. Invest at least 8-10 hours

Even if you have solved and got it correct, see if there is a better way…

Keep notes of the best methods, on flash cards, for you to revisit time and again…

Believe in yourself…

Enjoy the journey…

Do not think about the result….

Game is not over till the last ball is bowled

INDIAN TEAM REALIZED IT IN THE SECOND TEST against England at Lords recently…A mohd Shami, not known for batting, thrashed English bowlers, and when came back to bowl, bagged 3 wickets the Indian team that looked like losing the match on fourth day….looked like saving match by lunch on fifth day turn the tables with aggressive approach…..went on to bowl England out in less than 52 overs…and win the test in the next 4 hours.

You have about 100 days to go. Be the Shami..Give your best …..YOU TOO WILL.

If this feedback helps you and has been of value, let me know. If you have any thing more to ask, Kindly do.

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